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PowerPAC+ builds the political power of the multiracial majority. Our national network coordinates political giving to foster justice and equality in America. We work to elect social justice champions to public office for one simple reason. When we have a strong voice, America is better.

Political Intelligence

Dear SCOTUS: Race Still Matters

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Democrats Need to Wake Up to the New American Majority, Says Fannie Lou Hamer Report Author

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Young Democrats’ New Demand: Diversify Democratic Campaigns

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First step, #SayHerName. Second step, Elect Her.

The Movement for Black Lives Conference in Cleveland, Ohio a couple weeks ago ended with a officer pepper-spraying a large group of #BlackLivesMatter... Continue >>

Can Hip-Hop Pick Presidents?

It is no secret that music culture, pop culture and flat-out Hip-Hop culture has been used to influence voter turnout. Just look at... Continue >>

Sandra Bland's Case: The Stifling Problem With White Male Prosecutors

We don't have the full story. The police officer violated Sandra Bland's constitutional rights and more. So why is the prosecutor sidestepping the... Continue >>