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PowerPAC+ builds the political power of the multiracial majority. Our national network coordinates political giving to foster justice and equality in America. We work to elect social justice champions to public office for one simple reason. When we have a strong voice, America is better.

Political Intelligence

Georgia Secretary of State Sits on 51,000 Unprocessed Voter Forms

Today, Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp admitted that there is no evidence of voter fraud, and that leaders of the New Georgia... Continue >>

Years After 9/11, These Leaders are Still Working to Counter Bigotry

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DCCC Responds to 2014 Fannie Lou Hamer Report

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PowerPAC+ Goes to Ferguson [LIVE BLOG]

PowerPAC+ is proud to join the August 28th-31st, 2014 "Black Lives Matters Ride," an initiative of #BlackLivesMatter. PowerPAC+ representative Lulu Matute will work... Continue >>

9 Forgotten Quotes from the March on Washington

Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream Speech” from 1963 means so much to us as a nation that we almost forget... Continue >>