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PowerPAC+ builds the political power of the multiracial majority. Our national network coordinates political giving to foster justice and equality in America. We work to elect social justice champions to public office for one simple reason. When we have a strong voice, America is better.

Political Intelligence

First step, #SayHerName. Second step, Elect Her.

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Can Hip-Hop Pick Presidents?

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Sandra Bland's Case: The Stifling Problem With White Male Prosecutors

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Inclusv Releases Democratic Presidential Campaign Staff Diversity Estimate

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Chicago’s Black-Brown Coalition Key for Chuy Garcia’s Win

A black-brown coalition, born under former Mayor Harold Washington and reborn in the candidacy of Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, is poised to elect the... Continue >>

Inspired by Fannie Lou Hamer Report, Political Consultants Launch National Talent Bank

Almost a year ago, PowerPAC+ released the Fannie Lou Report illustrating the lack of diversity in Democratic Party spending. The report showed that... Continue >>