This Year in Multiracial Majority Politics

2014 was a turning point for the multi-racial majority in politics. We are fighting everyday to build political power to address the inequality and injustice we face. So here are six reasons to celebrate happy and strong new year for our families and the community...Take a look: 

1. PowerPAC+ Candidates Won in Key States

Pete_Aguilar_election_night.pngPowerPAC+ elected seven leaders to office in crucial states - California, Texas, New Mexico and New Jersey. Many Democrats lost due to low voter turnout among the communities, but these exciting candidates were bold and inspiring. More, please! 

2. Released First-of-its-Kind Audit on Diversity in Democratic Spending

FannieLouHamer_cover.pngReleased in June 2014, the 2014 Fannie Lou Hamer Report revealed that 97 percent of the $514 million spent by the Democratic Party on consulting in the 2010 and 2012 cycles was paid to white consultants. Voters of color are 55% of the Democratic Party base and it's time for big changes. This report made the political establishment sit up and listen, and we will be pushing for investments in voters of color in the coming election cycles.

3. "Race Will Win the Race:" Convened First-Ever Gathering to Discuss Race in U.S. Politics 

In June 2014, PowerPAC+ gathered progressive elected officials, community organizers, political strategists and supporters to have a frank discussion on the future of American politics within an emerging multiracial voting population. 

4. Defended Voting Rights in Ohio and Georgia

Georgia_proj_sign_share_photo.pngPartnering with national and local groups Color of Change, Campaign for America's Future, the New Georgia Project and the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus, we took the fight to protect voting rights from Ohio to Georgia. And thousands of you nationally signed petitions, donated money, and spread the word about our work to make sure we protect the rights of every voter.

5. Built Political Power in Ferguson 

We worked with the Organization for Black Struggle to get organizers on the ground immediately. We are registering voters, identifying candidates and conducting voter education. Our work is ongoing and PowerPAC+ is dedicated to building political power in Ferguson. 

6. Helped Pass California's Prop 47 ballot initiative 

We supported the passing of this groundbreaking criminal justice reform bill in California. Our campaign video and petition urged California voters to pass this historical measure, which reclassified nonviolent crimes as misdemeanors. A dozen other states are looking into similar laws and we are all part of this national movement.

Our work is far from done, and we are spending the next few months refining our plans for 2015. We're playing the long game to create long-lasting social change in our new multicultural communities. That's what PowerPAC+ is about. 

Change takes a community. Our 2014 victories wouldn't have been possible without you signing petitions, advocating on social media and donating your hard-earned money. 

And now we're looking toward the next year ahead. We're the only PAC that bridges leadership building, electoral politics and racial justice as an effective force for political and policy change. Click to contribute $5, or whatever you're able to pay, today.

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