Education Advocate Lucy Flores for Lt. Governor [VIDEO]

PowerPAC+ recently hosted a reception in support of Nevada Assemblywoman Lucy Flores who is running for Lt. Governor of Nevada. 

A fearless advocate who has made education the central topic of conversation in Nevada, Assemblywoman Lucy Flores will fight to ensure that everyone regardless of background has access to high quality education. PowerPAC+ is proud to support Lucy Flores for Lt. Governor of Nevada. Lucy needs our help more than ever. Donate to PowerPAC+ and help Lucy win in November. 

Lucy Flores: I’m incredibly proud of the campaign because we have turned education into the first and foremost issue that everyone is talking about. 

Without having the resources and the support from organizations like PowerPAC, its incredibly difficult for candidates like me to run a good, viable campaign.

I am incredibly humbled by all of the support that I have gotten from people all over the state and all over the country and regardless of outcome I think that I have moved the conversation forward. 

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