Endorsement Process

PowerPAC+ endorses candidates in states and races where people of color votes can tip the balance of power in favor of the multiracial majority. We also endorse candidates who champion progressive change that will benefit our communities, with issues such as income equality, education and immigration.

To be considered for an endorsement, complete an application (Download the PDF version of our application). To request a Microsoft Word version of the endorsement questionnaire, please email johanna@powerpac.org. Our political team regularly reviews the applications.

Who do you support?

PowerPAC+ endorses candidates for local, state and federal races. We focus our work on the six states where the multiracial majority can tip the balance of political power – Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, New Mexico, and Texas. We will also consider candidates outside those states who champion progressive policies as a centerpiece of their campaigns.

How do I apply?

Apply for an endorsement by answering the questions on this form (Download the PDF version of our application). To request a Microsoft Word version of the endorsement questionnaire, please email johanna@powerpac.org.

When will I hear back about your decision?

Our political team regularly reviews the applications. You can expect to hear an answer in 2-4 weeks.

What are your criteria?

We select candidates that represent the multiracial majority and demonstrate the ability to build coalitions among communities of color and progressive whites. Candidates must also demonstrate their campaign viability in terms of fundraising, research, communications, and field operations. We support candidates who are committed to progressive leadership that address the needs of the multiracial majority – issues like income equality, quality education and just immigration.

What comes with an endorsement?

The short answer is it depends on the race. In addition to financial support, we may provide expertise and guidance on other aspects of the campaign. In all cases, PowerPAC+ will feature an endorsed candidate on the website and may profile a campaign as part of the Political Intelligence blog.