New Report Reveals Democrats Lack of Diversity in Spending

On June 25th, PowerPAC+ unveiled the results of our audit of Democratic Party spending here during our Race Will Win the Race conference in Washington, D.C. The results were surprising - considering that 45% of Democratic Party voters are people of color.


Download the report to find out what percentage of party spending was dedicated to consultants of color.

The 2014 Fannie Lou Hamer Report: Analysis & Review of Democratic Party Spending examines the extent to which the Democratic Party is awarding consultant contracts to firms that have the skills and expertise necessary to engage and motivate voters of color and increase their participation levels in elections.

Join us in demanding that the Democrats diversify their spending. Sign the petition now. 

We want an end to the days when voters of color are viewed as an afterthought or a last minute add-on by the Party. It's time the Democrats committed to building a multiracial majority and a progressive future for years to come.

Share the petition, get the word out about the report, download the infographic. All of us together can take collective charge of our political future.

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