4 Things We Learned About Lucy Flores This Week

LucyFlores_group_cropped.jpgAssemblywoman Lucy Flores' campaign flyers are simple and straightforward. Lucy is not a typical politician, but as we've come to know she's fiercely intelligent, deeply passionate and incredibly steadfast when it comes to the people of Nevada. 


This week, PowerPAC+ hosted a reception in support of Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor Lucy Flores and we got to learn a little more about the candidate who's making history in not just her home state of Nevada but around the country. FYI- if elected, Lucy will be the first Latina Lieutenant Governor of Nevada and she'll be just one of four Latino officials to hold statewide office. Here are four things we learned about Lucy this week.


1. Lucy is dedicated to transforming the Lieutenant Governor office.

Throughout the night, Lucy impressed attendees with her detailed analysis and understanding of the issues that are plaguing Nevandans. She spoke of strengthening education -- from preschool through college. By focusing on increasing K-12 public school funding and making higher education more affordable by creating a state system that actually supports level of per-pupil funding. 

2. Lucy believes in the American dream and she wants all Nevadans to achieve it.

Lucy has spoken about her family life and rough past, and it's enough to inspire anyone to stand up and follow their dreams. She knows that she was lucky because she had someone in her life who believed in her, but she also wanted us to know that luck was only half of it. It takes drive, commitment and a support system to buckle down and go after whatever we set our minds to. 

gavin_lucyinstagram.png3. One of Lucy's biggest fans? California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom.

Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom spoke very highly of Lucy, often referring to their work together as lawmakers in support of progressive issues -- Newsom with marriage equality and Flores with education. You can tell these two leaders have an immense amount of respect for each other. They're both a distillation of the change we want to see in American politics between our political past and our political future: Flores who'll make history in history in her state and Newsom who made history in California. 

4. The race for Nevada's Lieutenant Governor is Lucy's to win. 

Even with recent reports of Lucy's GOP opponent Mark Hutchison fundraising close to $2.4 million for his campaign this week, Lucy spoke confidently of her chances of winning in November. The Nevada Democratic Party has a strong and well-structured Get Out the Vote (GOTV) system in place and with our support Lucy will have money in the tank to win. 

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