Georgia Court Declines to Intervene on Behalf of over 40,000 Missing Voters

Georgia_sitin.pngWith less than a week left until Election Day, thousands of eligible voters wait in limbo after a Georgia court declined to intervene on the lawsuit demanding Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp account for the more than 40,000 registration forms from new voters who do not yet appear on the voter rolls.

The registrations in question come primarily from would-be first-time voters in Black, Latino and Asian-American communities in and around Atlanta, Savannah and Columbus. Depriving over tens of thousands of voters of color of their right to vote cannot stand. 

The fight is far from over. This week, we must double down our effort to turn out voters of color in Georgia for Tuesday's election. 

We need your support to keep up the fight - DONATE $5, $10 or $25 toward defending voting rights in Georgia and wherever they are threatened. 

For the past month, we have joined the chorus of voices demanding that Secretary Brian Kemp tell us where the more than 40,000 eligible voters are. The courts have refused to help and Kemp has gone so far as to outright deny that there are any missing registered voters. 

georgia_sitin2.jpgIn response to the Georgia court ruling and Secretary Kemp's statements, Georgia activists and dedicated voting rights leaders rallied and expressed their concerns at the Georgia Secretary of State's office. Moral Monday Georgia held a rally and sit in earlier this week at the Georgia Capitol where 8 were arrested in protest of Secretary Kemp's voter suppression tactics. 

Polling shows Georgia's US Senate election this year is in a dead heat and could decide the control of the US Senate. With so much at stake, Secretary Kemp is abusing the power of his office, knowing full well that over 40,000 people could swing the election. 

Donate to defend voting rights and help us save the Senate today. 

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