Georgia Democrats Counter Voter Suppression with Ferguson Message


The Georgia Democratic Party is not taking the frontal attack on voting rights lying down. To date, Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp has yet to place more than 40,000 voters on the roles registered by the New Georgia Project, a non-profit dedicated to registering African Americans, Latinos, and Asian Americans to vote. 

African-American voters in Georgia received a mailing that encourages them to vote early. The message – vote now to avoid another Ferguson, referring to the Missouri town where unarmed teen Michael Brown was killed by Ferguson cop Darren Wilson. 

That case affected the African-American community deeply, and has continued to spark conversations about solutions to police brutality, racism, poverty, and lack of political representation.

The mailer is noteworthy because it attempts to turn out African Americans well ahead of the election. The Democratic Party does not have a strong track record of addressing issues that impact the black community, and motivating them to the polls ahead of Election Day. In fact, the messaging of this flyer indicates the state party is finally putting African-American voters in Georgia in their proper place – the center of the political future of the Democrats.

The police officer who killed Mike Brown was protected and defended, and has yet to be charged. A grand jury is expected to announce their findings within a week.

In the meantime, the question is: Will African Americans outraged at the wanton killing of a black teen vote in record numbers in the face of outright voter suppression in Georgia?


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