I Am A Marathon Runner

I am a marathon runner.  I’ve run several marathons and have set running the Boston Marathon as a lifetime goal.  Members of my training group, Run365, the San Francisco Marathon were in the race today.  And so I feel the pain of today’s tragedy in an especially personal way.  The Boston Marathon holds a special place in the hearts of runners across the world, and it is a signature event for the city of Boston, so it is no accident that this attack happened at this time and this place.

And so we mourn the murder and mayhem and offer our deepest sympathies and most heartfelt prayers to all those affected by today’s tragedy. But here’s the thing about marathon runners, Bostonians, Americans, and people of goodwill and conscience across the world. We are resilient. Training for and completing a marathon is all about resolve, resilience, and overcoming obstacles. You do it in order to reach your God-given potential and to be as fit as possible so that you can live life to its fullest.

I know I speak for others when I say this will not deter us. It’s almost trite to say we can’t let the terrorists win, but I know I am not alone in feeling a renewed sense of determination. And we must all press forward and continue to do what we love. The other way terrorism prevails is by turning us against one another. As the President said, we don’t know yet who did this or why. Whatever we ultimately learn about who is responsible for this act of destruction and terror, let us not lose sight of our shared humanity and core values. Let’s allow law enforcement to do its job of bringing the perpetrators to justice, and let us continue to turn to each other and not on each other as we work to make the world a better place.

If you want to financially support the relief efforts in Boston, we encourage you to give to the Salvation Army which is providing food, beverage, and counseling to victims. You can learn more and contribute HERE.

I am going to go for a run tomorrow as I continue to train for my next marathon, and I’m going to hug those I love a little bit closer and a little bit longer. We hope everyone will keep those affected by the Boston tragedy in their thoughts and prayers, and we urge all our friends and colleagues to persevere in doing what you love and appreciating those you love. Now more than ever.

In Solidarity and Hope,


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