Inspired by Fannie Lou Hamer Report, Political Consultants Launch National Talent Bank

Inclusv-site-w_-logo.pngAlmost a year ago, PowerPAC+ released the Fannie Lou Report illustrating the lack of diversity in Democratic Party spending. The report showed that fewer than 2% of the money the Party spent during the 2010 and 2012 election cycles went to firms owned by people of color - just $8.7 million of $514 million spent.

Top campaign institutions lose when they don’t invest in political professionals of color with the cultural competency to win elections by engaging the growing numbers of voters of color.

As told to Buzzfeed, “I’m genuinely concerned progressives are going to lose elections if we don’t increase our cultural competence in campaigns,” said Inclusv co-founder Steve Phillips, a major Democratic donor. “That’s what happened in 2010 and 2014, those campaigns were unable to inspire turnout of voters of color.”

Any campaign in majority-minority district that wants to increase voter turnout has to focus on and understand key voters of color if they want to have a shot at winning an election.

One advisory board member, Lucy Flores, who ran for lieutenant governor in 2014 in Nevada, said this focus is crucially important for campaigns, even ones that feature a minority candidate at the helm.

“Even in my own campaign that was high-profile and well-funded, I had issues with trying to find culturally competent staff and consultants,” Flores told BuzzFeed.

That’s why we are thrilled to announce the launch of Inclusv, a talent bank of staff, consultants and vendors of color to give them access to the 2016 campaigns and electoral work. The savvy group of political professionals of color that founded Inclusv were inspired by our Fannie Lou Hamer Report.

Says former National Latino Vote Deputy Director of Obama for America in 2012 and Inclusv co-founder, Alida Garcia, “There has been a lot of dialogue in D.C. around diverse contracting, which is a big gap that needs to be fixed,” she said. “One part of how you fix it from the bottom up is by identifying young leaders now and getting them into these campaigns. They are the future press secretaries, pollsters, and campaign managers who will better understand and work with the communities they seek to engage.”

Inclusv is the bridge between talented businesses and professionals of color and the campaigns and political organizations who want to hire them.

“One thing we no longer want to hear we don’t have anyone qualified who is a person of color. We know that talent exists,” says Gregory Cendana, Inclusv co-founder and Executive Director of the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance.

We need to start strong in 2016. If you are a staff, consultant or vendor of color, upload your resume to Inclusv at

h/t Buzzfeed

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