Lucy Flores

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Quick Stats

  • A candidate who's breaking records
  • A relatable and fierce advocate for her community
  • A proven advocate for communities of color, women and working families

A Candidate Who Speaks For Her Community  

Assemblywoman Lucy Flores has had an impressive career that has taken her from growing up in a tough neighborhood to a campaign for U.S. Congress in just 35 years. Lucy grew up in North Las Vegas, a low-income neighborhood that faces many challenges and her family was no exception. Her mother left her and her 12 brothers and sisters and her dad worked multiple jobs. Lucy turned to gangs and was eventually arrested for stealing a car. That experience helped turn her life around. Lucy earned her GED, and became the first person in her family to attend college. After graduating from the University of Southern California and earning a law degree from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Lucy was elected to represent the community where she grew up and became Nevada's first Latina Assemblywoman. 

Lucy's record speaks for itself. During her time at the Nevada State Assembly, she introduced bills to improve educational access among Latinos and to expand early childhood education. She helped expand the Nevada Hispanic Legislative Caucus and she served as Assistant Majority Whip. We support Lucy because she doesn't shy away from using her personal experiences to highlight and propel legislature that can impact the lives of Nevadans. As a strong advocate for education, job training, consumer protection and anti-domestic violence measures, Lucy will fight to make sure no Nevadans fall through the cracks. 

You can read more about Lucy HERE.

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