Meet Our Champions


I just have to tell you about the phenomenal women leaders we at PowerPAC+ are backing this year.

It’s rare to support a group of candidates from the South, Southwest, and Midwest who could define national politics for years to come. They are the future of American leadership: multicultural, progressive and increasingly female. 

We need to be “all-in” to ensure their success come Election Day. 

PowerPAC+ endorsed these leaders because they represent the hopes and dreams of the multiracial majority in states where voters of color will make the difference.  Equally critical, they are standing up to conservatives in order to fight for education, democracy, and economic equality – the issues that matter most. 

Stacey Abrams – Stacey is the Georgia House Minority Leader, with a solid plan to stop the GOP supermajority by strengthening the Georgia House Democratic Caucus. Fierce and intelligent, Stacey Abrams is working to end “stand your ground” laws and to increase education spending. She’s transforming Georgia and deserves our support. Read Stacey's take on "Georgia's Tipping Point" here.

Wendy Davis – Wendy Davis' campaign for Governor of Texas is one of the most exciting opportunities for the multiracial majority to turn Texas blue. We have backed Wendy Davis since 2012 before she gained national prominence for her gutsy filibuster of anti-choice legislation.  Wendy champions quality education and health care. Her campaign is historic because it has ignited energy, resources, and attention towards turning Texas blue at every level of government.

Lucy Flores – When Assemblywoman Lucy Flores announced she was running for Lt. Governor of Nevada, a supporter held a sign, “Lucy, One of Us.” Yes, indeed. She rose from poverty to the state legislature and will continue her fight on behalf of the increasingly diverse population in Nevada. We support Lucy because she’ll be a strong advocate for education, job training, consumer protection and anti-domestic violence measures. She brings vibrant leadership to Nevada and has the potential of being the first Latina to hold statewide office.

Michelle Nunn – Michelle Nunn’s Senate bid represents the best opportunity for Democrats to gain a seat and save the Senate. The Democratic majority in the Senate is at risk, and we’re laser-focused on efforts to energize voters of color to support her win in November. We believe she will continue her impressive track record of public service as Georgia’s first female Senator.

Nina Turner – We’re supporting Ohio State Senator Nina Turner’s bid to become Secretary of State.  Ohio is the swing state of swing states and will play a key role in choosing the president in 2016. She’s challenging the GOP incumbent who has closed polling locations in urban areas, ended Sunday early voting, and made it more difficult to count provisional ballots -- measures that impact African-American voters. There’s nothing more fundamental to democracy than access to the ballot box, and Nina is a true patriot with her tireless efforts to defend voter rights.

Join us in supporting these outstanding group of candidates – and consider making a donation today to help elect these leaders in 2014.


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