Michelle Nunn

candidate_nunn.jpgDemocratic Candidate for U.S. Senate, Georgia

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Quick Stats

  • A Georgian who is a proven social justice advocate
  • A strong pick-up for Democrats to save the senate in 2014
  • If elected, she'd be the first female U.S. Senator of Georgia

A Key Democratic Pick-Up to Save the Senate

Georgia is increasingly on the cusp of flipping from Red to Blue (Obama got 47% of the vote in 2008 without even contesting the state), and the retirement of the incumbent Republican Senator makes this an open seat that Democrats could win with a compelling candidate. Michelle's Senate bid represents the best opportunity for Democrats to gain a seat and save the Senate. The Senate Democratic majority is at risk, and PowerPAC+ is laser-focused on efforts to energize voters of color so Michelle wins in November.

As CEO of Points of Light (the country’s largest organization dedicated to volunteer service) and the daughter of former Democratic Senator Sam Nunn, Michelle's political credentials will enable her to run the kind of campaign that creates a statewide network of organizers and volunteers in every county. We believe she will continue her impressive track record of public service as Georgia's first female Senator.

You can read more about Michelle HERE

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