My Time in Charlotte: Reflections from the DNC

Originally posted on The Lion Star Blog.

It is without question that attending the Democratic National Convention (DNC) will always be one of the most memorable moments of my life. To see first hand such a large demonstration of coalition building, solidarity and diverse leadership- is exactly what makes me proud to be a democrat .

I have previously discussed the beauty of the diversity at the DNC, I wanted to highlight another important aspect that was very evident during the convention: the power of Texas.

Sometimes I believe it is easy for us to forget what an important role Texas plays at the National level. If we were able to turn Texas Blue (which is very possible), the National electoral map would be in our favor. The combination of Texas, New York and California equates to 122 electoral votes, and let’s remember we only need 270 to win the presidential seat.

Every conversation I had with someone who was not from Texas (and I had a lot of them) started with the same question: How do we turn Texas Blue?

Not only was Texas politics a main conversation, but Texas leadership was front and center. Speakers such as Mayor Julian Castro, Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood and daughter of the Former Governor Ann Richards, and even Eva Longoria demonstrated Texas as a powerhouse.

During the convention, I was empowered to continue the fight to help Democrats in El Paso and across the State win, because it is not only for those at home but the entire nation.

I hope that everyone who watched the DNC felt as inspired and is reminded of the work that must be done during the 2012 election and the 2014 Governor’s race. El Paso is a key component to turning Texas Blue, and so now that all the balloons and confetti are gone, El Paso Democrats need to ask themselves- Am I doing enough to get everyone I know to vote and to vote democrat?

Quick side note - Here are some speeches that weren’t talked about by mainstream media but were really powerful. It is important to note that women and female leadership were central to the DNC this year.

1.) House Democratic Women
2.) Senate Democratic Women and Senator Mikulski
3.) Sandra Fluke

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