Nina Turner

NinaTurner_front_page.jpgDemocratic Candidate for Ohio Secretary of State

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Quick Stats

  • Our best chance at defending Voting Rights in Ohio 
  • A proven track record in protecting women and workers rights
  • Ohio is the swing states of swing states

All eyes are on Nina and Ohio

Through a series of laws, the GOP-controlled legislature and GOP Secretary of State, Jon Husted have taken Ohioans back in time. Directives such as the Souls to the Polls and Golden Week are being limited and voters of color and working class families are taking the hit. All roads lead to the ballot box and no one understands that more than Nina. “If you want better policies, we need better elected officials. And that starts by voting,” she says.  

A Cleveland native, Nina has dedicated her life to public service. Gaining experience in public offices and developing a reputation as a fighter for those less fortunate, it is no surprise that Nina tackled her job in the State Senate with enthusiasm and vigor. She was one of the leading voices in the repeal of SB 5, which would have taken the right of public sector workers to collectively bargain, and has repeatedly defended against attacks on women’s access to high quality healthcare by the GOP. Nina has always fought for what she believed was right, and it’s her strong belief and can-do attitude that will take her to the Secretary of State office and beyond. 

As Ohio goes, so goes the nation, so whatever happens in 2014 will have a profound effect on the 2016 presidential races. The Ohio Secretary of State is among the more expensive races, primarily because of the state’s swing state reputation and the office’s history of being a stepping stone to Governor. Secretary of State is not just an administrative question, but it is a crucial position that connects people’s sense of how democracy should work in this country. You can read more about Nina HERE

Watch our interview with Nina here


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