Nina Turner on Defending Voter Rights in Ohio 2014 [VIDEO]

Aimee Allison, Sr. VP PowerPAC+ interviews Ohio State Senator Nina Turner who is running for Ohio Secretary of State.

Aimee Allison: Nina Turner, running for Ohio Secretary of State. Give us an update on how the campaign is going.

Nina Turner: It’s really going strong. A lot of folks understand what is going on in Ohio unfortunately at the hands of the GOP-controlled legislature and also the secretary of state. They are really trying to take us back in time. There have been a series of bills passed in OH to take away Golden Week. Golden Week is an important time in Ohio where you can register AND vote. They took that away and the governor signed it. They are messing with the absentee ballot process by making it harder for provisional ballots to count so we really have an environment in Ohio in the hands of the GOP-controlled legislature and also at the hands of the GOP Secretary of State that seeks to regress opportunities to vote in Ohio. There is one community in Ohio where they are looking to move the early vote location in Cincinnati, Hamilton County. And if that were to happen in this election cycle in one community it would take an hour and a half by bus to get to the location to vote.

And is it really aimed at voters of color in Ohio to limit their access to voting?

Voters of color, certainly, but also working class folks. There was a directive that I really want the members of PowerPAC+ to understand. There was a directive that takes away evening and weekday hours so people who work two or three jobs or people who are transportation dependent, they won’t be able to vote in person because there are no evening hours, with only two Saturdays and no Sundays. Souls to the Polls is a very big activity in Ohio. Through directives, the current secretary of state has taken that away.

So what’s at stake?

We need to fight to expand and protect the right to vote: one woman, one man, one vote. The greatest equalizer we have, whether it’s Ohio, California, Arizona – all over this country is the right to vote. Socioeconomic status doesn’t matter, gender doesn’t matter, where you live doesn’t matter. When you walk into the polling place, you are equal. And so to have people play with that environment in Ohio, the swing state of swing states, is absolutely immoral to trample on democracy. So I’m standing up every single day to continue to fight. A lot of times I say I’m not running for a seat, I’m running for a cause. And that is unfettered access to the ballot box for all Ohioans.

Any special message for PowerPAC+ members?

We really need PowerPAC+ members to get involved, to adopt Ohio. No Republican has won the presidency without winning Ohio. As Ohio goes, so goes the nation. And all of us should be upset and up in arms at any attempts to take away access to the ballot box. This is about all of us. It takes teamwork to make the dream work. We are all better together and all paths lead through the ballot box. If you want better policies, we need better elected officials. And that starts by voting.

Nina Turner, thank you so much.

Thank you, Aimee.

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