Welcome to PowerPAC+

PowerPAC+ is building the political power of the multiracial majority in America. We work to elect progressive leaders to public office for one simple reason. America’s politics should evolve as people of color become the majority.


Since 2004, PowerPAC+ and PowerPAC.org have helped progressive, diverse leaders win election to local, state and federal offices. PowerPAC+ ran the first large-scale independent campaign to support Barack Obama’s presidential bid.  PowerPAC has powered major social justice movements of our day - defending marriage equality in California, protecting the Latino vote in Arizona, and passing the groundbreaking online voter registration process that has significantly increased participation of voters of color and younger voters.


We concentrate our efforts in states where people of color can change the balance of political power. We’ve had victories in California, Texas, Ohio, Arizona, New Mexico and Georgia. But we don’t stop there. We support social justice champions in strategic races across the country - backing those who make progressive change the centerpiece of their public service. Issues like education, income equality, and immigration are important to the multiracial majority and to the future or our country.

Our process for electing social justice champions to all levels of government is simple.

We identify the very best candidates. Our political team identifies the most capable and promising leaders representing the multiracial majority and helps them build winning campaign teams.

We pool financial support on behalf of candidates. We have many donors, not mega donors. Our approach encourages everyone - regardless of income - to invest in candidates that work for the multiracial majority. Together, we create a fundraising force that puts millions of dollars into the campaigns of social justice champions.

We get people of color to the polls. We bring polling, research, sophisticated message testing, the latest innovations in data and technology, as well as good old-fashioned voter contact to mobilize millions of voters across the country.

We connect people. PowerPAC+ is a community. We host a variety of events that bring together our community with thought leaders, endorsed candidates, and elected leaders. PowerPAC+ Presents is a live interview event, and we host dinners and receptions with those we have endorsed to keep us connected to our elected leadership. Sign up for Political Intelligence to get the latest schedule.

See a list of the social justice champions we’ve helped elect.