PAC+ and PresentePAC + Latino Voter GOTV Effort Goes Live


On Thursday, October 25, 2012 PAC+ and PresentePAC+ launched a national GOTV drive called, “ Juntos, Together, We Can Stop Them,” directed at Latino voters, especially those located in battleground states and states with key races that impact on issues of importance to the Latino community. This morning PAC+ released a video encouraging Latinos to stand up and defend their right to vote. The video can be viewed at > now.

The primary message of the JuntosCampaign is simple: DON'T LET the Republican Party and its leaders steal the Latino vote. By standing up to these forces and voting, Latinos can and will stop them. In places like the Florida I-4 Corridor, Phoenix, Arizona, and San Antonio, Texas Latino voting rights are under attack. But Latinos are fighting back and encouraging one another to take action by voting on November 6

The campaign will incorporate the research-tested best practices approach in GOTV work by urging the viewer to “Preparate, ” (prepare) themselves to vote, to do everything they can to avoid falling victims to the GOP’s suppression efforts. It asks them if they will vote before or after work, how they will get there, what things they need to take with them, and whom they might bring along. And the campaign will include other materials, both virtual and in print, that emphasize this preparation.

The PAC+ GOTV program is centered on a video that depicts the ways in which the GOP and its Tea Party are trying to steal Latino votes through voter suppression tactics in states across the country. It urges Latinos to resist those efforts and asserts that, “Together, Juntos, we can stop them.” Jan Brewer, Joe Arpaio, and Mitt Romney feature prominently in the ad, as these three have fashioned themselves into the enemies of Latino voters, their families, and their communities.

PresentePAC+ is a joint effort by and PAC+ to promote the role of Latinos in the electoral process, and to hold elected and appointed leaders accountable for serving the needs of this growing and important constituency.

PAC+ is a national network focused on democratizing money and politics to give voice to America’s New Majority. PAC+ combines the resources of its members and directs them to strategic races in states where the demographic revolution can change the political balance of power. PAC+ is about many donors, not just mega-donors. PAC+ is “powered by”, a social justice advocacy organization that created the country’s first Democratic SuperPAC in 2007. is the country's leading online Latino advocacy organization. With over 300,000 members, Presente is a national organization that exists to amplify the political voice of Latino communities.