PowerPAC+ Statement on Ferguson Grand Jury Decision

michael_brown_parents.jpegWe are outraged that a St. Louis County grand jury allowed police officer Darren Wilson to walk free after killing unarmed teen Michael Brown, over a 100 days ago. But this isn’t the end of our fight for justice. The solution is long-term political change in Ferguson and across the country. Only then will we have higher standards for policing, an end to profiling and respect for our communities.

Our heart goes out to the family of Michael Brown. Some of us were out on the streets last night to express our anger; some of us shared our frustration privately with friends and family. Some of us were home holding our kids a little tighter, fearful of their safety from a system that does not value and protect our young people. This is a pivotal moment in the progressive movement and in U.S. history. There are protests from Durham to Brooklyn to Houston to Oakland. But protests alone won't secure a more just future - we need to build political power. 

It’s within this moment that the people of Ferguson and throughout the country must stand up to ensure that every community is represented in elected leadership. Because without political power, long-term change in cities like Ferguson, will not happen and the cycle of racial injustice will not be broken.

That’s why PowerPAC+ is committed to working with community leaders, clergy members, activists and civil rights leaders to lift up the constructive political dialogue that’s taking place. We are working to register voters, identify and support strong candidates and engage the community in discussions about what needs to change so that there isn’t another Michael Brown tragedy.

In the words of Michael Brown Sr: “I do not want my son’s death to be in vain. I want it to lead to incredible change, positive change, change that makes the St. Louis region better for everyone.”

Michael Brown’s parents are right - together we can lead the way in long-term change in Ferguson and the other Fergusons in America. 

Will you stand with us and pledge to build political power in Ferguson?


The PowerPAC+ Team - Steve, Aimee, Amy, Julie, Johanna, Kirk 

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