Should U.S. Immigration Be Restricted to Whites Only?

immigration-activists-web.pngToday, we published an ad in the Des Moines Register that's sure to stir up political debate just days before the Iowa Caucus. It presents a "modest proposal" that takes Republican views on immigration to its logical conclusion. 

The ad is entitled, "Should U.S. Immigration be Restricted to Whites Only?" Right now, every political reporter has their eye on Iowa, and PowerPAC+ Chair Steve Phillips's message is a stark (and satirical) reminder that America's racist past could be our future unless we call it out and fight.

Our hope is that the ad generates discussion about race and politics and what's at stake in this year's election, as detailed in Steve’s book Brown is the New White, which will be released February 2nd. You can view the full ad below or download the ad HERE


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