6 Months After Diversity Report, Democrats Still Dragging Feet Hiring Minorities

democrat_leadership_2015(1).pngIn mid-2014, PowerPAC+ released the results of an audit of the Democratic Party’s spending on minority-owned or minority principal consulting firms. Spoiler alert: the spending was a measly 1.7%.

Six months later, Democrats are meeting with Hispanic-business owners and have Latino hires in the pipeline, but not much else to show. Here’s more from Buzzfeed:

When criticism followed the diversity report’s release, the Congressional Black Caucus was said to be helping to find black-owned businesses for Democrats. But it’s unclear what progress has been made on the issue.

Former CBC chair Marcia Fudge, who earlier told Politico it was clear the Democrats had no interest in addressing the issue, deferred to new chair G. K. Butterfield’s office now. Butterfield’s office did not respond to requests for comment by time of publication.

Angela Rye, a former CBC executive director, said the organization has often sought to help the DNC with this issue but there hasn’t been much activity since the report came out this summer, adding that her understanding is that the DNC does not believe the report is accurate or comprehensive.

She said her stance is one many who care about the issue share.

“I am ready to help them, minority vendors are not hard to find,” Rye said. “Talented staffers, folks that left the Obama campaign, I eagerly await their call. Whether doing media buys or polling or whatever. I’m happy to help them identify people.”

Rye said a changing country needs a mindful and different approach.

On the criticism that the report wasn’t comprehensive enough. “One of the recommendations will likely be to continue expanding research reporting in spending as one measure,” Aimee Allison, Senior Vice President of PowerPAC+ said to Buzzfeed. “The criticism that it’s not comprehensive, well heck, no one has ever done it. It’s not like this information is easy to find,” she said, adding that the definition of what a minority vendor is wasn’t even held to the highest and most difficult standard to reach.”

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