Statement on President Obama’s Historic Announcement Regarding Immigrant Youth

PAC+ salutes the unwavering commitment of DREAMers to the fight for fair, just, and humane treatment of immigrant youth, and we draw strength and inspiration from their activism.  Thanks to their creative and disciplined campaign, today we celebrate the historic action taken by President Obama on behalf of many DREAMers.  Our President’s decision to exercise his Office’s legal authority to halt the deportation of many DREAMers, defer action for many who are currently in deportation proceedings, and provide many with work permits is a wise and courageous one.

As we rejoice in this significant step forward, we are also reminded that this fight is far from over. Ultimately we must build and maintain the political power of America’s New Majority in order to secure full Comprehensive Immigration Reform and more victories like today’s that allow all people to flourish and contribute. We know that we can only build that political power by rewarding President Obama and other courageous politicians at the ballot box when they do the right thing. And today's action makes it even more critical that we reelect President Obama so that this action will not be rescinded by Mitt Romney.

In 2006, we chanted, 'Today we march, tomorrow we vote." In light of today's historic action and all that hangs in the balance, let's lift up the cry, "Today we celebrate, tomorrow we vote." We urge you to celebrate by encouraging your friends and family to register to vote this November, and to join our effort to change the balance of power in American politics.

¡Que Vivan los DREAMers!
¡Que Siga la Lucha!

Your PowerPAC+ Team

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