The Browning of America and Other News

Racial justice defines the issues this political season. Stay up to date with the latest with these highlights from recent coverage of New York Times bestseller Brown is the New White and the national dialog on how people of color are central to the progressive future of our country.


  • There were two primary victories on Tuesday that you may have overlooked: Kim Foxx in Chicago and Michael O’Malley in Cleveland. Steve’s new Medium piece illustrates how these two wins point to the growing political power of the movement for Black Lives.


  • People of color are the fastest growing group in America. Their influence on politics and elections is also on the rise. On KQED’s The Takeaway Steve discusses how politics are being shaped in a rapidly browning America.



  • In the San Diego Free Press, San Diego City Council District 9 candidate Sarah Saez explains how Brown Is the New White has informed her campaign:

“Phillips believes that when you have communities of color and white progressive voters who are not at odds with the needs of people of color…[there is] a new majority of voters who are able to meaningfully reshape politics and policy priorities.

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