The Next Wave of Social Justice Leaders

fall_endorse_fb_blog_share.pngMidterm elections are less than fifty days away, and the time is now to rally behind rising progressive leaders. That’s why we’re proud to announce our endorsement of four game-changing new candidates. From California to Florida, these leaders have proven that they can energize voters of color, women and young voters – because, simply put, they are serious about making the changes these voters want to see.

Some of these faces may be familiar to you, others may be new, but one thing is certain: these are leaders that we want to see at the forefront of progressive change in 2015.


Sandra Fluke – California State Senate, District-26

Sandra Fluke came into the national spotlight in 2012, when she testified before Congress about the importance of access to reproductive care for women, and fought back against the sexist attacks that followed. As an attorney and activist, Sandra has been fighting for progressive change for years. As a State Senator, Sandra would be a formidable voice on progressive issues from gender equality to worker’s protections to healthcare and education. 

Judithanne McLauchlan – Florida State Senate, District-22

A celebrated political science professor, Judithanne McLauchlan has extensive experience working in progressive government. She has worked for the US Supreme Court, the US Department of Justice and the Clinton Administration. A mother and PTA member, Judithanne is running for State Senate to protect schools from further budget cuts, promote a minimum wage increase and equal pay legislation, and improve healthcare access for all Floridians. 

Joe Neguse -  Colorado Secretary of State

The son of east African immigrants, Joe Neguse was determined from a young age to contribute to the democracy that gave his family new opportunity. An accomplished Denver attorney, Joe was elected as a member of the CU Board of Regents in his early 20s, where he authored a bill making voter registration easier for students. As Secretary of State, he would work to protect voting access and improve voting technology, as well as restoring faith in elections by fostering transparency in elections.

Leticia Van de Putte - Lieutenant Governor of Texas

State Senator Leticia Van de Putte still lives about a block away from her childhood home in San Antonio, and she has been fighting for fellow Texas families in the legislature for over two decades. She began her career as a state representative in 1990, and has represented San Antonio in the Texas Senate since 1999. She's running alongside fellow progressive powerhouse Governor of Texas candidate Wendy Davis, and together they're ready to turn Texas blue. 


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