Wendy Davis

candidate_davis.jpgDemocratic Candidate for Governor of Texas

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Quick Stats

  • Top-tier challenger in a fiercely Republican state
  • A health care and education advocate with a compelling personal story
  • Because of Wendy, Texas can go Blue

A Candidate That Has Ignited A Movement

Texas State Senator Wendy Davis captured the attention of the nation with her courageous 11-hour filibuster over abortion restrictions. Before that, Wendy stood up and filibustered a budget that slashed over $5 Billion from Texas public schools. With Wendy's leadership, a majority of that funding restored to the budget in 2013.

Standing up for justice is nothing new for Davis, and PowerPAC+ was proud to support her in 2012 for her re-election to the State Senate. When Wendy announced her run for Governor of Texas last year, PowerPAC+ was one of the first PAC's to throw our support behind her. We believe Wendy is the leader best-positioned to translate the enthusiasm in Texas into real political power. Wendy's vision for Texas goes beyond health care and education to include making sure Texas invests in a strong economy that remains a leader in oil and natural gas, but also a leader in renewable energy, as well as strengthening government accountability. We're proud to support Wendy because she knows what issues matters to Texans and she's ready to take her fight to the Governor's office. 

In addition, Wendy's campaign has ignited and energized a movement towards turning Texas blue at every level of government. Either way, Wendy is making Texas history and if elected, she would become only the third female Governor of Texas. 

You can read more about Wendy HERE.

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