Why the 114th Congress Isn't (already) Making the Grade

congress_action_photo_blog.pngThe Washington Post recently declared the new 114th Congress as “one of the most diverse in American history,” comprised of nearly 20 percent women and just over 17 percent of which is people of color. Which is to say, Congress is still 80% White and 80% male.

In fact, white men have almost 4 times as much political power as women and people of color across the country, according to the national representation index.

With a U.S. population that is over 50 percent female and 37 percent people of color, does this look like the real America?

It’s not just about diversity and representation, it’s also about effective leadership. With crucial social and economic issues at stake, who we elect to lead us matters. Which is what PowerPAC+ is about. We’re committed to building the political power of the multiracial majority - people of color and progressive whites - and creating long-lasting social and political change.

Diverse political representation is high on our New Year’s resolutions and we’re committed to making it stick. Help us make this year's resolution a reality. SIGN our resolution and send a message for political change. 


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