Why We Need More Women Leaders Speaking On Abortion

Lucy_Flores_talking_blog.pngFinally, women leaders are telling their abortion stories. This is huge for the pro-choice movement. 

Recent headlines and political actions have been not so kind to women and pro-choice advocates. See here and here

In cased you missed it, here’s a quick rundown: On the first day of 114th Congress, two lawmakers introduced a measure to ban 20-week abortions, in direct violation of the protections afforded under Roe v. Wade.

Now armed with a majority in the House and Senate, Republicans are wasting no time following through on the anti-abortion agenda the GOP laid out after significant victories in the 2014 midterms. Republicans are anticipating that they’ll have enough support to pass the ban in both chambers, helping the anti-choice community gain momentum to limit reproductive rights.

The need for action is urgent. Pro-choice organizations and activists are mobilizing, but more than that, the need for leadership is essential in the fight to protect reproductive health rights - political leadership that is. Because the more we can connect politics to our daily lives and make policy personal, the more we can change the conversation on abortion.

In the past two years, more women leaders are taking a stand and coming out with their personal stories. And women, pro-choice organizations, and their communities have stood by them in the process. Speaking on abortion or being pro-choice is not political suicide anymore. It’s simply the right thing to do, for all women.

 Here are some of our favorite PowerPAC+ women leaders who had the courage to stand behind their truths and  share their stories: Wendy Davis and Lucy Flores. 

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