8 Steps To Play Ukulele Songs For Beginners

Play ukulele songs are easy and suitable for everyone

Hey, it’s great when you are here. Ukulele is for anyone who wants to play it!

No matter if you are young or old, you are talented at instruments or not. Don’t worry if you used to fail to play instruments before, as the uke is suitable for anyone.

And now let’s play ukulele… right now!

I’m about to show you how easy it is to play your first song on ukulele with step-by-step, easy-to-follow online ukulele lessons

Let’s play ukulele songs in your life

Play ukulele songs are easy and suitable for everyone

Start playing ukulele with 8 steps

  1. Choose a ukulele for you
  2. Get in the right Mindset to play
  3. Tune your ukulele
  4. Hold your ukulele
  5. Play your first ukulele chord
  6. Play Your Ukulele With This Important Strumming Pattern
  7. Play Your First Simple One-Chord Song On Ukulele
  8. Take Your Skills and Learn More Easy Ukulele Songs

Let’s get started!

Choose a ukulele for you

The first and most important step to playing the ukulele is to get a ukulele.

Whatever you buy a new ukulele, borrow from your friends, go to the music store or any ways you can have a ukulele. Just get a ukulele first

Get in the right Mindset to play

If you’ve never made music before, put aside your fears and doubts about playing.

You can do this! Ukulele for having fun. I used to worry that I have no talent for musical instruments, but I think it’s my fears, not actually the truth.

Why You Can Learn to Play Ukulele Today Even If You Have No “Natural” Musical Talent

A lot of beginner ukulele players fail before they even pick up the instrument.

Whenever you deal with a new challenge like learning ukulele, it’s a big problem. Facing your own fear and doubt is very normal. Don’t worry, let yourself be simple way.

Spend some minutes to familiarize yourself with your new instrument by reading about the parts of the ukulele and the different ukulele sizes.

Tune your ukulele

In this video, discover how to tune your ukulele quickly and easily

One of the most underestimated secrets to making your ukulele sound amazing is to tune it!

You don’t want to skip this step.

When it comes to stringed instruments like the ukulele, it’s important to check the tuning every 10 to 15 minutes of playing. Small errors in tuning can create quite a dreadful sound for you and your listeners. You always set yourself up for success with an in-tune ukulele.

Fortunately, it’s easy to keep the ukulele in tune

Hold your ukulele

To hold the ukulele, cradle the body of the ukulele in your right arm, while the part of your forearm, closest to the elbow, applies a little pressure to the top of the ukulele, so it is held snug against your body. Then, support the neck of the ukulele in the crevice of your left hand where your thumb meets your index finger.

Play your first ukulele chords

Starting with placing the ring finger of your fretting hand on the 3rd fret of the bottom A-string and letting the top three strings ring open.

The first most important chord you must know on the ukulele is the C chord.

Once your fingers are in position, go ahead and strum down across the strings. Don’t worry about the exact strumming technique for now. We look at that together in the next step. At this point, make sure every string rings out nice and clear.

you might experience some soreness of the fingertips in the first weeks of playing ukulele. To remedy this, give yourself adequate breaks for your fingers to heal up between practice sessions. Eventually the tips of your fingers will build calluses making chords easier to fret.

Play Your Ukulele With This Important Strumming Pattern

To play this essential and important strumming pattern, strum down strums while counting out loud to a count of four.

If there is one kind of this pattern to rule them all, it’s this one.

Watch the video and strum the C chord to a count of four with all down strums.

To play ukulele songs, a strumming pattern is so essential.

Repeat this pattern as you count out loud. Keep the strumming and counting as consistent and even as possible.

Give that some practice.

Believe it or not, you’re ready to play your first song on ukulele!

Play Your First Simple One-Chord Song On Ukulele

Take the C chord and the simple down this pattern rhythm to play the simple ukulele tabs, familiar song on the uke.

Please look at below to get the music sheet of Are you sleeping.

The music sheet of Are you sleeping

The first step to learn this song is to review the chords in the song. For this song, a quick glance at the sheet music and ukulele tab shows there is a C chord.

Make sure you’ve practiced the C chord.

The second step is to review this pattern in the song.

Again, make sure you’ve practiced this.

The third and final step to learning a new song is to play through the song’s chord progression without singing.

Take Your Skills and Play Ukulele Songs

Now, great! You did it. Let’s practice more with C chord and strumming patterns simply down and play easy ukulele songs. Because you want to play beginner ukulele songs, you should find and practice some simple love melodies as the song list of jason mraz, hey soul sister, wonderful world or some music bands and singers such as bruno mars, bob marley, vance joy.

If you want to be more professional in this aspect, you can find an instrument teacher, he will train you.

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