9 creative ideas make money on Youtube without showing your face

make money on Youtube without showing face

Can you make money on Youtube without showing your face? Is it necessary for you to display your face on YouTube in order to earn money? No, you do not have to show your face in order to make popular YouTube videos. Anyone can create a successful and profitable YouTube channel without having to appear on camera. You can make compilations, lessons, demos, unboxing videos, product reviews, and other types of videos without showing your face. YouTube allows anyone to use video to share their knowledge, opinions, and creativity with the rest of the world. Keep reading with PowerPAC plus to learn more!!

monetize Youtube without showing your face

Is it capable to make money on Youtube without showing your face?

Can we make money on Youtube
Can we make money on Youtube

If you’re thinking about launching a YouTube channel and want it to be successful, you’re probably wondering if you can make money without ever displaying your face. Yes, it is true! In fact, my “secondary” channel, where I started making videos without displaying my face, now produces more money than my “main” channel. Last month’s revenue for my faceless videos are shown here. I made over $1,800 from YouTube videos without ever having to reveal my face!

Making money on YouTube is, in reality, difficult. It takes a lot of effort. It’s difficult to compete. It’s difficult to stay inventive all of the time. It’s also difficult to get monetized and earn ad money if you’re a newcomer. You must meet a number of standards in order to be a part of the YouTube partner program and make money from advertising.

Prepare your Youtube channel to earn money without revealing face

If you want to make more money from your modest YouTube channel without showing face, the greatest thing you can do is expand it. You will make more money the more people that find you. I’ve written a couple times on how I’ve expanded my YouTube accounts. Listed below are a handful of those hints:

  • Use tools like TubeBuddy to help you expand your YouTube channel.
  • Learn about SEO and put it into practice.
  • Create a following for your YouTube channel.
  • Make high-quality films to accompany your content.
  • In your videos, add value that isn’t found anywhere else.
  • Experiment with different concepts on your channel.
  • Look for methods to make your procedures more efficient.
  • Consider enrolling in a course like Mastering YouTube for the Busy Professional.
  • Continue to study and grow because YouTube is constantly changing!
  • More information can be found in my article How To Grow A YouTube Channel.
How to prepare for your Youtube channel?
How to prepare for your Youtube channel?

Youtube channel ideas without showing face

1. Unboxing and Product Reviews

You can make unboxing videos if you’re working with actual things but don’t want to reveal your face. This kind of video is a recording of you opening a package, inspecting what’s inside, and capturing your first response to viewing the object. While unwrapping things, you can record just your hands and your commentary. It’s not difficult to make. People appreciate watching unboxing videos because they are curious about the product and because they have an uncensored vibe to them.

2. Animated Explainer Videos

You might have a winner if you can take intriguing, complex, or popular topics and break them down into simply understood concepts utilizing animation. Polymatter’s animated videos about business, economics, and politics have gathered over 1.2 million viewers. You will, without a doubt, require some animation abilities. Toonly, Animaker, and even Microsoft PowerPoint can be used to create these types of videos. Evan, the Polymatter developer, even offers a Skillshare course called Make Animated YouTube Videos. His course walks you through the steps and tools he employs when creating his films.

Some best ideas
Some best ideas

3. Gaming

If you want to perform some game videos without filming yourself at all, TheRadBrad is an excellent channel to model after. Make your clip with game video and a voice-over.

4. Screen-sharing

If you’ve been following my channel for a time, you’ll notice that I frequently use screen-sharing. It allows me to easily teach you without having to stand in front of a camera. Camtasia is the best screen-recording tool right now, in my opinion. It also comes with a fantastic editor.

5. Pets

Back in the day, there appeared to be more cat videos on YouTube than anything else. People continue to love these, as well as a variety of other pet films. If you don’t want to appear on camera but have a fascinating pet, they may be entitled to their own channel.

6. Stock footage

Stock photo sites like Shutterstock have expanded to include stock audio, stock video footage, and more. If you don’t want to film yourself, you can get free stock footage or pay for the rights to them and use them as the visuals for your videos.

Youtube channel ideas without showing face
Youtube channel ideas without showing face

7. Actors or family members

You don’t have to include people in your videos just because you don’t want to be on camera. While you handle all the behind-the-scenes work, you may cast a family member, an actor, a friend, a sibling, or someone else as the primary character. This can be seen in the Ryan Toys Review.

8. Photography/Travel footage

Many Instagram “influencers” make a profession by traveling around the world and photographing their surroundings and uploading them online. You can use that as your graphic for your videos if you are a photographer or capture a lot of videos of travels and such.

9. Podcast

Tim Ferriss’ YouTube channel is a great example of how to upload podcast episodes without being on camera. Simply include your Podcast cover, who you’re speaking with, and other relevant information in a static image.


This incredible tool does everything for you, and there is literally nothing better out there. On YouTube, you literally create content by speaking into a microphone without showing your face. You can finally begin automating your YouTube channel and creating a large amount of great content that people will enjoy for a long time. So, now that you know it’s possible to make YouTube videos without displaying your face, what kind of channel will you start? That’s all for now; thank you for taking the time to read my post!

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