What Is The Law On Advertising In Vietnam?

There are some notices for businesses to remember when you have to comply with the Vietnam law on advertising

In Vietnam, the advertisement aspect is one of the most considered issues since it affects culture, people and lifestyle. Therefore, the law on this aspect in Vietnam is for protecting consumers and entrepreneurs against overusing this kind of social media. In this article, we will discuss some regulations in this law that marketers have to avoid and notice.

The law on advertising in vietnam is the crucial topic which is considered by many businesses

According to the law on advertising in Vietnam , what are the products/ services banned?

Based on advertising law in 2012, the Vietnam Government indicated clearly the unauthorized  products and items to proceed in advertisement as well mass communication. Deep understanding about this law can help businesses orient the proper marketing campaigns which aim to avoid unnecessary litigation. Below is the list of banned items according to advertising law in Vietnam in 2012:

  • Activities of advertisement on the banned goods, services such as drugs, prostitution,  and so on.
  • Tobacco
  • The products of wines or alcohol over 15 alcohol concentrations.
  • The sensitive items or goods which are aphrodisiac properties.
  • Prescription drugs without doctor’s instructions
  • Dangerous weapons harmful for people and society such as guns, cartridges, and so on.
Please note about some products and services are banned based on the law in Vietnam

What are the advertising contents prohibited in Vietnam?

The banned advertising contents indicated on the Vietnam law 16/2012/QH13 in June, 21st 2012. It is considered as a decree of this kind of law instructions for businesses to properly create their marketing. 

  • In the article no.7, advertising law in 2012, indicated the list of prohibited items and goods (as above list) is not allowed proceeding. The contents on national secrets, inaccurate history, and national sovereignty information is punished as Vietnam law’s regulations.
  • The advertising contents on creating social disorder and badly affecting the national images are not allowed. The issues of discriminations and religions in the format of tradition, digital marketing, or online are not allowed mentioning national disorder.
  • The deceptive or misleading contents on the products which are harmful is not allowed. In case the other branch gets the registered branch to do advertising, that branch will be sued easily.
  • The government can protect for entrepreneurs which are registered businesses and intellectual property rights. Hence, no matter you are In any business type, you should do registration for yours so that the law will save you.

Some notices for businesses when processing their advertising campaign.

Banner advertising

Base on the law on advertising in Vietnam, for banner, you need to understand the position and destination where you are allowed to do your advertising. Clearly, the outdoor banners are not allowed covering traffic lights and boards, when you put your banners, you have to be sure of the tough banner. Additionally, the permit time for banner activities í 15 days maximum.

There are some notices for businesses to remember when you have to comply with the Vietnam law on advertising

Advertising screen

In article 28, advertising law in 2012, indicated the regulations of the screens, you are not allowed to use the sound for it on outdoor to avoid disturbing surrounding people. You can use animations without the sound to advertise products, services, messages of work or life.

Advertising on transportation

Nowadays, transportation is considered an effective mobile advertising way in the marketing strategy. By this way, the messages can bring to a lot of places and destinations and access to many people. Advertising law in 2018 indicated the rules on transportation as below:

  • Advertising products are not allowed 50% of the total each-side square of that vehicle.
  • It is essential to strictly comply with traffic safety regulations.

Advertising on loudspeaker

This kind was popular in the past. This way has become less popular nowadays. However, you can see some branches advertised on loudspeaker. You should take notices as below:

  • Sound level: is not allowed to make noise that disturbs people’s life.
  • Destination: is not allowed to put in military sites, offices, schools.
  • Usage: is not allowed for urban and mobile media 


At Present, the government issued many advertising laws such as law in 2012, and the newest is law in 2017 and law in 2018. The understanding of the law helps your marketing path in higher effective orientation and avoid the punishment from the Government that can make you fines, jail time, and make your business shut down. An attorney for your company is the best choice to help you understand the this law and avoid breaching the law.


Gambling is illegal in Vietnam, except in government-licensed casinos. Anyone found in violation of this law faces steep fines and/or a lengthy prison sentence. Foreign passport holders have exclusive access to licensed casinos.

You are not permitted to have sexual relations with anyone under the age of 16 in any location, including your home or apartment. The marriageable age is 18, and having sex with a Vietnamese citizen under the age of 16 is illegal.

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