Amazing with making money on Facebook Ads for beginner 

make money on Facebook ads

Are you looking to start making money on Facebook Ads, but don’t know where to start? You’re in luck! In this post, we’ll go over some amazing ways to monetize Facebook Ads breaks. Even if you’re a beginner, you’ll be able to start seeing results in no time. So, what are you waiting for? Read on to learn more with PowerPAC plus!

How can I earn money?
How can I earn money?

Facebook Ads break where earning money

Today, one of the quickest ways making money is to use Facebook advertisements to drive sales. Creating the appropriate ad that sends visitors to the proper funnel and targets the ideal prospect is the fastest method to go from zero to hero, regardless of what type of product, service, or knowledge you’re selling.

Where we can monetize
Where we can monetize

If you’ve ever worked with Facebook advertisements, you know that mastering this sector and turning a profit requires a Jedi mindset. Not only do your ads need to be on point, but your entire sales funnel does as well. However, after you’ve created a high-converting offer, all you have to do now is optimize your conversions and begin increasing your business.

So, what’s the best way to go about doing that? And who do you trust to provide you with this information? If you’ve spent any time on Facebook, you’ve probably run into the guru gauntlet of coaches trying to sell you their course and educate you how to make money online using Facebook ads.

Terms of earning money on Facebook ads

  • Your Page must comply with Facebook partner monetization policies:

 Focus on community standards, copyright enforcement, authenticity, and engagement. You must reside in one of the countries on Facebook’s eligibility list. Also, the content you post must be written in one of the eligible languages ​​required by Facebook. If you notice, Vietnam is not on this list. But don’t worry, this list is constantly being updated. And it seems that this request from Facebook is no longer considered as one of the factors to consider the conditions for Facebook ad breaks.

You must post content on your business website (not your personal Facebook page); and have at least 1,000 fans (people who like, follow fanpage). However, there are still cases where Facebook requires your fanpage to have 10,000 fans (old request before). Your page must reach one of these milestones in 60 days:

  • 15,000 interactions: like, share, comment
  • 180,000 minutes sums up the amount of time users watch on all your videos
  • 30,000 views in 1 minute for videos that are at least 3 minutes long.
  • You must be over 18 years old.
Term of monetize from it
Term of monetize from it

Checking whether your fanpage meets the conditions Facebook offers will help you plan a strategy to focus on implementing each item that you are missing towards making money.

For example: Your site is not eligible for Facebook ad break, has not had enough 15,000 interactions (likes, shares, comments), you need to develop a strategy to increase interactions on your videos.

Or your facebook website has met the requirements of 1,000 followers, 15,000 interactions in 60 days, 180,000 minutes of viewing on all videos in 60 days but still missing 30,000 views within 1 minute for 3-minute videos.

How to build the perfect Facebook ads to earn money

If you’ve ever tried to promote something online, you’ve probably tried to create a Facebook ad. But, what constitutes a perfect advertisement? Obviously, this isn’t limited to Facebook. This rule applies to all paid marketing platforms. Kusmich uses a technique known as the 3C Invisible Selling Formula to achieve this. It elicits a click, secures a capture, and then converts.

What’s the greatest approach to design or develop the perfect ad that will entice your target audience to stop scrolling, click on your ad, and finally grab that lead and turn them into a paying customer? It is called the look-hook-took technique.


 This is the image that will help someone get stopped in their tracks. It must be able to attract their attention.We’re all accustomed to navigating through social media networks. We hastily browse through our newsfeed, hoping to see something that would catch our attention. According to Kusmich, you must disturb the scroll. Make your image stand out to achieve this. Use photos that aren’t the same as everyone else’s. Switch things up a little. If necessary, use a grayscale image or another image that will cause the scrolling pattern to be disrupted.

Create a perfect profile
Create a perfect profile


You must pique the prospect’s interest. Make a connection with someone. The majority of people want to connect with someone or something. You’ll probably fail to convert that prospect from a browser to a customer if you can’t hook them or make the connection. Make an effort to establish a relationship with your advertisement.


This is the action you’d like the prospect to take. What are you expecting them to do? Make it crystal clear. You must have an obvious call-to-action. “Click here to register” or “click here to acquire your free downloaded PDF,” for example.

How to Make Money with Facebook Ads break

There’s always room for improvement, so let’s take a look at some best ways to make money with Facebook ads.

1. Domain Ad, Ad type: Traffic and Conversion

The domain ad is an easy method to make money with Facebook advertisements while also promoting your brand. These adverts, which appear in the right-hand column of your Facebook page, are computer-supported ads. A visible title, a brief description, and a URL are included in these adverts. Simple, inexpensive, and upbeat

Domain Ad
Domain Ad

2. Page Post Link,Ad type: Traffic and Conversion

Advertising in News Feed is also known as Newsfeed ads. This is a common choice for adverts that appear on your newsfeed. Unlike the domain ad, this one has a larger photo and a bit more description space, allowing you to get someone’s attention. If you want, you can also use video instead of a photo.

3. Ad type: Likes and Participant

Are you in desperate need of additional page likes? If that’s the case, this is the commercial for you. With more likes, we will be aware of your brand, will see  our material in their newsfeed when we publish, and will be more likely to be aware of any special deals you may be doing. A page similar ad is also supported on all devices, including mobile. So, yes, there is a method to profit from Facebook ads. This type of advertisement has a quick call to action button, such as a “like” button immediately on the ad. Make certain to use a fantastic image!

4. Likes and interaction for Page Post Photo and Page Post Video ads.

Photos and videos, particularly videos, are excellent ways to engage with your fans. If you have a beautiful photo that you want to show off, go ahead and do it. You can also add a brief description and a link. Similarly, if you have a fantastic video, share it. You may also use videos to help you re-target.

Get to work
Get to work

How? By the length of time people spend watching your video. Every day, Facebook receives 8 billion video views. Get to work! This is a fantastic technique to profit from Facebook ads! Yes, a tiny business brand, you can do it, too!

5. Local Knowledge, Type of advertisement: Local awareness

A local awareness ad is another trendy way to generate money with Facebook ads, and it speaks for itself as to why it’s so great. With the geographical tool, you can define where you wish to focus your audience when you target them.

People that are geographically close to your business will see your ad! With your local awareness ad, you can even include an optional call to action. No more hope that your ad will appear on a nearby person’s newsfeed! It’s coming to a town near you.

6. Product Ads That Change Over Time,Type of ad: sales and leads

With dynamic product ads, you can take retargeting ads to the next level. Facebook dynamic product ads target people based on their previous experiences with an ad on your website or app. It’s official: ads can be seen everywhere. They keep an eye on you.

Take advantage of this. To do so, ensure that your product catalog is uploaded to Facebook and that the Facebook Pixel on your site’s pages is working properly. The rest is then handled by Facebook! It’s an unavoidable evil.


For video makers, Facebook ad monetization is a long-awaited possibility. With a little hard work, you can get your Facebook page to qualify for Facebook ad breaks and start earning money from your video content.

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