Are Golden Doodles Bad Dogs? 6 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Owning One

Are Goldendoodles bad dogs

Are golden doodles bad dogs? There are several reasons why you should avoid owning one. I’m going to share some of the worst traits of Goldendoodles and what you should know before adopting one.

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Hip dysplasia

Why Goldendoodles are the worst?

A common question that many people have is, “Why Goldendoodles are the worst dogs?” The answer lies in their very human characteristics. Despite their aloof nature, Goldendoodles are highly intelligent. 

They are highly curious and naughty dogs, and their attention span is exceptionally short. Leaving them alone for long periods of time can cause them to become bored, which can lead to destructive behavior.

Why Goldendoodles are the worst?

 This is something that Goldendoodle owners need to be aware of before purchasing one for their home.

Goldendoodles have three types of coats. A waxy coat is common and is a mixture of poodle curls and retriever straight coats. Curly coats are less common but are similar to retriever straight coats. 

All three coats provide the same allergic response and reduce shedding. While Goldendoodles are generally a low shedding breed, they can become prone to eye infections.

6 reasons not to own a Goldendoodle

There are many benefits of owning a Goldendoodle, but there are also some drawbacks. One of these is the high cost of maintaining the dog’s coat. While most Goldendoodles have low-maintenance coats, some owners opt to take their dog to a professional groomer every six to twelve weeks. 

6 reasons not to own a Goldendoodle

High Energy

High-energy, clever dogs are called Goldendoodles. Both the Poodle and Golden Retriever sides of the family contribute to their high level of energy.

These two purebred canines were bred to spend time in the water or fields pursuing their owners’ catches. The dogs had to use a lot of energy and endurance to complete this.

The energy levels of Goldendoodles now are comparable to those of their parent breeds from decades ago, despite the fact that they are companion dogs.

High Maintenance Dogs

High Maintenance Dogs

Doodles are thought to require little upkeep. This, I think, has two basic causes.

The first is that they shed less than a Golden Retriever, and the second is that they are simple to train.

Even if both of these statements are true, a low maintenance dog does not necessarily follow.

The time it takes to brush and comb them will more than make up for the time you will save by not having to vacuum up their fur.

Goldendoodles are Expensive

Goldendoodles are more expensive to purchase from a breeder than either a Poodle or a Golden Retriever due to the high demand for these dogs. Additionally, they will cost you more to maintain annually than a Golden.

All dogs need dog food and vet visits to stay happy and healthy, but Goldendoodles also need pricey, professional grooming.

Goldendoodles are Expensive

Additionally, you’ll need to invest in specialized combs and brushes to keep their fur between grooming sessions.

Of course, the price will vary depending on where you live and how big your Goldendoodle grows, but a grooming appointment can easily go from $65 to more than $100. That excludes the gratuity.

It will cost you at least $600 if you add that up over the course of a year. Along with food, toys, chews, and vet costs, that is.

Can be Mouthy

The Poodle and Golden are both retriever-type breeds, as I’ve already indicated. This implies that individuals are taught to perform their duties with their mouths.

Although they both have a “soft mouth,” they also frequently speak to one another.

A Goldendoodle may grab someone by the arm or tug at their clothing to catch their attention. When our doodle was a puppy, she used to behave in this manner.

Can be Mouthy

Even if they mean no harm, they might be frightful to someone who is unaware of this trait.

When young children are around Goldendoodle puppies that haven’t yet acquired good mouth manners, this is an issue in particular.


Doodles frequently boast hypoallergenic claims. This is accurate in theory. But it’s important to remember that being hypoallergenic only implies they are less likely to trigger an allergic reaction.

It does not certain that a person won’t react negatively to the dog. Even while I, along with many other individuals with pet allergies, can live with a doodle without experiencing daily allergy symptoms, not everyone has the same needs, and not all Goldendoodles have the same kind of fur.


It’s crucial to understand that a protein found in pet dander, saliva, and urine is what causes pet allergies. When a dog sheds hair, pet dander is dispersed into the atmosphere.

The Goldendoodle is Not a Guard Dog

Goldendoodles are not the best breed to choose if you want a guard dog to watch over your house.

Goldendoodles are exceedingly friendly, much like the Golden. Instead of making an effort to keep a stranger out, they would prefer to invite them into their house.

Are Goldendoodles aggressive dogs

A Goldendoodle puppy’s first few days of training will likely be filled with biting . This is a common behavior that Goldendoodles have learned to do in order  to get attention from people. Because of this, many people do not like to keep these dogs

To stop doodle from the biting, use a time-out method. The time-out method removes the reward for bad behavior. Then, distract your Goldendoodle with an object or game. It will eventually learn not to bite.

Are Goldendoodles aggressive dogs

Aggression may be caused by a variety of reasons, but the most common is fear. When a dog is scared or in pain, it may display aggression as a way to protect itself. 

The ultimate Goldendoodle handbook provides information on minimizing your dog’s aggression so that you can be sure that your Goldendoodle will not become a violent or aggressive dog. A dog’s behavior can also be the result of a previous experience with another breed or environment.

Are Goldendoodles dangerous

Adult Goldendoodles are not generally dangerous dogs. They are friendly and lovable. Goldendoodles are prone to eye problems like cataracts and progressive retinal atrophy. 

The most common symptoms are itchy eyes and discharge from the tear ducts. If left untreated, these conditions can cause vision loss. 

Treating eye infections can help prevent further problems, but they are not a cure. If you’re unsure whether this breed is right for you, find a reputable breeder.

Are Goldendoodles dangerous

Goldendoodles are generally friendly to children. However, they can snap at children who attempt to play with them. 

Children should be taught to respect Goldendoodles and not play rough or provoke them. Exposure therapy may help prevent any future issues by exposing Goldendoodles to children. 

It will be essential for parents to teach their children how to act around Goldendoodles, especially when they’re young.

Do doodle dogs have health problems

Do golden doodles have health issues? The answer depends on the specific breed and the circumstances surrounding the health issues. 

Do doodle dogs have health problems

Ear infections

One of the most common is ear infections. This condition can severely shorten the lifespan of your Goldendoodle

Hip dysplasia

Hip dysplasia occurs when the joint connecting the leg to the hip does not fit properly, resulting in pain when standing or moving. This disease can be fatal, so you should be sure to consult with your veterinarian to prevent any further health complications.

Hip dysplasia

Thyroid problems

Thyroid problems can occur in Goldendoodles. This condition affects the gland that releases a hormone that regulates metabolism


Hypothyroidism in Goldendoodles can cause weight gain, low energy, and even seizures.


 Another potential underlying problem in Goldendoodles is subvalvular aortic stenosis, which can lead to heart failure. The good news is that this condition is generally treatable with medication.

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