BECU login online banking. check e-statements & pay bills in mobile app

Becu login online banking

Becu login online banking is one of the most convenient ways to manage your account, make payments, check canceled checks, apply for loans and receive electronic statements, among many more. See the detailed instructions for logging in or registering an account below that recommends for you.

Becu login online banking

Becu is a credit union originally formed to serve Boeing Company employees, headquarters is in Tukwila, Washington.

Becu was founded in 1935 by 18 Boeing employees as the Scholarship Credit Union and has been known as the Boeing Employees Credit Union for most of its history.

Becu members can access Becu online Banking for secure access to their accounts 24 hours a day without visiting a branch.

Some of the features that Becu online banking offers are:

  • Manage accounts and check balances
  • Register for a New Bank Account
  • Apply for loans and credit cards
  • Becu online statements (or eStatement)
  • Pay bills online
  • Money transfers

Instructions to log in to your Becu bank account online

Becu is providing customers with 2 ways to access their registered account, that is: login via website or login with mobile application.

By logging into this online, you can directly check the balance on your account, pay your outstanding bills, or apply for a loan or mortgage.

How to log in to Becu account from laptop?

Signing in to your Becu account on your computer is simple. Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Visit Becu login page and chose “Log in” on the top toolbar

How to log in to your Becu account from website?

Step 2: Enter your user ID

How to log in to your Becu account from laptop?

Step 3: Enter your password

Step 4: Click the “Log in” button to complete.

log in Becu account

How to log in to Becu account from a mobile phone or tablet?

BECU has mobile banking applications for Apple and Android systems. With both apps, you can log in to your account with your user ID and password, just like on the bank’s website.

How to log in to  Becu account from a mobile phone

Links to download Becu online banking app:

For iOS products, you can also sign in with Touch ID or Face ID. For Android products, you can use fingerprint authentication for Android 6.0 or later, as long as your device also has fingerprint enabled.

How to get forgotten user ID or password on Becu?

If you forget your user ID, Becu can retrieve it and send it to the email address on file. Follow these steps to restore:

How to get forgotten user ID on Becu?
  • Navigate to the get your user ID page
  • Enter your email address
  • Enter your date of birth
  • Check the CAPTCHA box
  • Click the “Continue” button

If you need to reset your password, you’ll need to do the following:

How to get forgotten password on Becu?
  • Navigate to the reset your password page
  • Provide your user ID and 10-digit phone number
  • Check the “CAPTCHA” box
  • Click the “Continue” button
  • Answer the identity verification questions on the following page

Safety tips:

Before entering your user ID and password on any website, click the “https” button in your address bar and verify the identity of Becu bank.

How to view Becu e-Statement information?

Registration is electronic reporting is not automatic. To register, follow these steps:

  • Log in to online banking with your username and password
  • Go to “Account Summary” page
  • At the top of the page, click “Enroll” for checking, savings, CD and loan accounts
  • For Visa accounts, scroll down to credit Cards section and select “Enroll”
How To View Becu E-Statement Information?

BECU will email you when the monthly electronic report is available online. Here’s how to access your electronic statement:

  • Log in to your account with your ID and Password
  • Go to “Account Summary” page
  • To check, save, CD and loan statements, select the “View eStatement” link at the top of the page.
  • For Visa electronic statements, navigate to the Credit Cards section, then click View.

Note: eStatement = electronic statement.

How to register for a Becu bank account online?

If you don’t have a Becu bank account, you can do it yourself at home or at work without having to spend time going to the bank. Do the following in order:

Step 1: Visit BECU’s online banking admissions page

Step 2: Click the “Enroll” button.

How to register for a Becu bank account online

Step 3: Enter your 10-digit “Member Share” account number

How to enroll for a Becu bank account online
  • Enter your last name exactly as it is on your account
  • Enter your date of birth

Step 6: Click the “Continue” button

How to sign up for a Becu bank account online

Step 7: Do a few more guided requirements to apply for online banking

Heed: once registered, follow steps 1 through 4 above to log in to your account.

How to pay bills online in Becu?

Step 1: Log in to your account

Step 2: Select “Payment” on the widget pane

Step 3: On this page will appear for you two options: “Becu Payments” and “Bill Pay”.

In the “Becu Payments” section you will pay the money related to the loan or mortgage, press the “Go” button to pay this.

How to pay bills online in Becu?

In the “Bill Pay” section, you will pay expenses related to consumption such as electricity, water and phone bills,… press the “Go” button to pay this.

Step 4: Once you have entered the section you need to pay, the website will display forms of information that you must provide to support the payment, follow and complete them. 

Becu customer service 

Becu Bank’s customer care service is rated 4.9/5⭐. Staffs are always on duty 24/7 hotline, no matter what you need help with such as not being able to access your account, transferring money or not checking your balance. Please pick up the device and find them because they are always waiting for you.

Becu customer care phone number

  • BECU customer support phone number is 1-800-233-2328 or 1-206-439-5700 (local). 
  • For corporate membership, you must dial 1-800-704-8080.For a member loan or credit Card: new applications and status Inquiries you should dial 1-844-232-8562.
  • For phone banking, you must dial 1-800-233-2328
  • For lost, stolen, or fraudulent charges on your Visa card, you must dial 1-800-233-2328. 
  • For lost, stolen, or fraudulent charges on your debit card, you must dial 1-800-233-2328. 
  • For accessibility assistance, you must call 1-877-354-7865

Becu routing number

Becu’s ABA/routing number: 325081403

Your 10-digit checking or savings account number. It can be found in the Account Summary tab of Online Banking, on your statement, and at the bottom of each check. Your checking account number will be different from your savings number.

BECU bank address

In summary, the BECU payoff mailing address is PO Box 97050, Seattle WA 98124. Also, the overnight payoff address for this financial institution is 12770 Gateway Dr S, Tukwila WA 98168.


  • Login to Online Banking.
  • Don’t yet have Online Banking? Register Here.
  • Click “Online Statements/Notices”
  • Click “Online Statements”
  • Read the disclosure and follow the prompts.

The sort code is the nine-digit number printed in the lower left corner of each check. Your unique account number (usually between 10 and 12 digits) is the second set of numbers printed at the end of your check. The number on the far right is the check digit.

If you’re setting up direct deposit with your employer, you’ll need the following: a 10-digit BECU check and/or your savings account number. (Log in to online banking to get this number) ABA / Routing number from BECU: 325081403

Check balances, transfer, deposit checks and pay bills on the go with your mobile device. Bank by phone anytime, day or night, for account balances, transfers, bill payments and more. To use the system, members call 800-233-2328 and business members call 800-704-8080.

Bank of the United States. When it comes to in-branch services, Bank of America surpasses Becu with about 4,200 financial centers across the United States. But Becu offers checking, savings, and money market accounts with no monthly maintenance fees, an option not available at Bank of America.

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