How To Make Birthday Fitness Challenges

Make Birthday Fitness Challenges

If you’re looking for a way to get fit on your birthday, consider creating a fitness challenge. You can choose an exercise or goal you’d like to accomplish during your day or any days throughout the year. Then, post the challenge on a Facebook page or Instagram to receive support and celebrate your efforts with the community. The most important factor in creating birthday fitness challenges is to keep it fun! If you’re struggling with a specific fitness goal, don’t worry – there are many websites that can help you plan and start.

Footloose Forester Managed 100 Push-Ups

Footloose Forester is 79 years old. He hopes to return to his sport of golf after his retirement. His challenge to himself on his birthday is an excellent way to test his strength and dexterity. He managed 100 push-ups. Forester’s last attempt was 110. Forester first attempted push-ups at age seventeen and has been upping the ante ever since.

The future Footloose Forester has been exercising consistently for over a decade. He does it all year long, except for bad weather. He started the year below his target, but built up to the target for each birthday challenge. In the future, he may be able to manage one hundred push-ups. The challenge is far from easy, but the Footloose Forester is a great role model.

Make Birthday Fitness Challenges

Heidi Dorow’s Workouts – Birthday Fitness Challenges

A New York philanthropist, Heidi Dorow, had a wild idea for her 40th birthday. Instead of a typical workout, she ran through tires for 40 hours straight, climbed ropes, crawled on her hands and feet, and completed an obstacle course inside Judson Church in Manhattan.

Footloose Forester’s Birthday Workout

Footloose Forester challenged himself to do sixty push-ups. He went as far as seventy-five before giving up. He continued to increase his limit without intermediate goals. At age sixty-one, he was at the point of doing 122 push-ups, but he soon changed his goal and settled on 100 the reps quickly pile up. Today, he is 79 and still hopes to play golf again.

He’s been doing his birthday workout for the last decade. He has been exercising every month, and all year long, except for bad weather. He’s gotten a bit under his target through the year, but has been working his way up each month to meet his goal. It’s not that he’s perfect, of course. In fact, he’s gotten better. He has held that record for 43 years.

There are many other challenges you can follow such as run, squats, play with number or use other game equipment. It is not only for fun but also good for your body. Make sure that your body should be in training every week. Let’s perform these and enjoy your best time.

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