Top 10 Brilliant Office Pranks You Can Try

Brilliant Office Pranks You Can Try

April Fools Day is a day for cubicle pranks, any funny jokes can be accepted. If you are in the office, you can do some harmless pranks to your colleagues or even your boss. Are you ready for these easy pranks? Keep reading this post about 10 brilliant office pranks you can try.


If you aren’t sure what to do for your next office prank, you could always buy a stuffed animal and place it at the office. The stuffed animal can be placed anywhere, from plants to ceiling tiles. You can also move it from time to time without your coworkers knowing about it. You can also pretend to be a client and place lubricant on the doorknob. This can really get the office laughing.

You can also use a fake windows update and mess with your colleague’s computer screen. All you need is a web browser with the victim’s windows set to full screen. One of the classic office pranks only requires wrapping paper. You can buy some at a dollar store and wrap everything on your colleague’s desk like a gift! They will never know what’s on the other side of the desk!

Another way to get the office laughing is to leave a sponge cake out at the office. It doesn’t matter if it’s a birthday or a holiday, there are plenty of office pranks that will bring a smile to everyone’s face. Don’t forget to keep these office pranks clean! No one wants to be subjected to drugs, discrimination, or personal jokes.

Brilliant Office Pranks You Can Try

Salty Sugar

Substitute the usual sugar with salt or other effervescent liquid. You can also buy cheap ad spots in the local newspaper or free ads online, or print pictures of your boss and cut them out. Tape them to the coworkers’ picture frames. You can even switch the packets of sugar and salt. The office workers will be searching for the third item – the imaginary one!

One of the best office pranks you can try is to eat the office candy while seated at your desk. Alternatively, you can place a bowl of identical – and contrasting – candies in different locations in the office. After that, you can move the candies around in various places until everyone notices them. If you want to get even more creative, you can also pretend to be a client and apply lubricant to the doorknob.

Another great office prank involves swapping the salt in your coffee. The coffee is spicier than usual and you may have to correct it with more sugar. To avoid any health risks, it is best to do this before a meal or coffee break. However, it is still important to check on your colleagues’ salt tolerance before you start the prank! When planning an office prank, try to plan ahead so that the plan works.

Coffee Break

When it comes to office pranks, the best ones are the ones that will surprise your coworkers and boss. They may cause some minor disruption, but you don’t want to endanger the business by pulling a fire alarm or releasing stink bombs. Besides, you don’t want to hurt anybody. There are several office pranks that are appropriate for any office.

To pull this off, you will need to go early in the morning and look for the sugar and salt jars. Mix the sugar and salt together, then put the jars back to their proper function. When the victim drinks the coffee, watch their faces. You can even switch the labels on the jars! If the victim notices that the sugar is salty, you can switch out the jars!

Another brilliant office prank you can pull is to put a voice activated toaster or coffee pot in the kitchen. Label it with a voice-activated label and place it there. Then, use the toaster to annoy your colleagues. Make sure to take it home when the prank is over! They’ll never know how you did it, but you’ll certainly have a good time trying it.

I resign

If you’ve been the victim of I resign in office prank, you’re not alone. The majority of office workers have been the victims of office pranks at one time or another. The survey results show that almost equally, employees have been on the victim and perpetrator sides of the equation. The most common pranks were fake resignations, furniture moves, and pretend birthdays, engagements, weddings, and more.

Caught Red Handed

Have you ever wanted to trick a coworker into thinking you’re a celebrity? Well, you can pull this off with office supplies. To do this, place a paperclip in the scanning bed of a copier, exactly where the real paperclip would be. Then, when the coworker’s copy comes out, place the paperclip back in the printer tray. The coworker will be confused, and try to unclip the clip from the paper. Another great office prank is to cover a coworker’s desk in a classic nostalgic character.

You can also prank your coworker by sticking clear tape on their telephone. Eventually, they’ll get tired of hearing you, and they’ll hang up. Likewise, you can try to make the coworker feel embarrassed by saying something embarrassing to them. You can try this one out on the coworkers to see how long they can remain red-handed while their colleagues are terrified.

Unending Ring

If you want to mess with your colleague’s computer screen, you can play a prank called the “fake windows update”. All you need to do is use the victim’s web browser and make the window full screen to fool them. A classic office prank involves wrapping everything on your colleague’s desk. This can be done by purchasing wrapping paper at a dollar store. Then, cover their desk with gift wrapping paper and place it on their desk.

This office prank is perfect for those who work in offices that allow cell phone use. Simply put a clean tape over the ear piece on the cellphone, and the person answering the phone will not be able to hear the voice of the person calling. Then, when the person gets tired, they hang up on the caller. It can be a hilarious prank, but the best part is that it’s not invasive.

Did You Hear?

Did You Hear? is a 2009 American romantic comedy thriller directed by Marc Lawrence. It stars Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker as Paul and Meryl Morgan, who are witnesses to the murder of one of their clients. They are placed in witness protection and are relocated to the small town of Ray, Wyoming. This is the second film in the series starring Grant and Parker. Originally, the film was titled The Voices of Ray, but the sequel, Did You Hear?, adapted to be a more universal story.

Nothing Is Working

If you are bored at work, nothing is more amusing than playing an office prank. Although work is often boring, it doesn’t have to be all business. Office pranks are an excellent way to make work fun, and when they are played in a realistic way, they have a much deeper meaning. This is especially true if you make the pranks up yourself!

If you’re planning to prank someone in the office, use office supplies as your props. For instance, you can use an old keyboard and plant chia seeds between the keys. Another great office prank is to print life-size posters of your coworker’s favorite movie or television show. You can even hide the pictures behind a desk-top lamp. Once the candy has sprouted, your coworker will be confused and probably hate you for life.

The best office pranks are the ones that surprise your colleagues while at work. Although they may cause some minor disruption, these tricks do not damage the company’s business. In addition, they don’t involve drugs, unplugging company servers, or causing bodily harm. As long as you don’t break any laws, it’s perfectly acceptable to play office pranks.

I Can’t Hear You

There are many ways to pull an I Can’t Hear You office prank. One way is to change a coworker’s voice. Instead of using an actual voice, change it to a robot or a low tone. Then, leave the paper with a note saying, “Do not move, spider is inside.”

You can use screen grabs as your prank, leaving them on their display or making them a screen saver. This one works well when you can’t actually hear them, but it will still make your colleagues laugh. You can even place a creepy ghost cutout in their ceiling opening to get them to think about it. Another way to play an office prank is to put a stuffed animal under their office chair.

If you want to create a more elaborate prank, you can build a wall and shut off an entire hallway. This way, all of your executive staff will be wondering where their offices have gone and will keep going back to where they started. You can also use the Ncage extension to swap words that your coworkers often say with pictures of Nicholas Cage. Another option is to use a computer to switch out words.

Calling All Animals

Adding a voice-activated label to office kitchen appliances is a perfect prank for an IT department. Or, you can get more creative and add gummy fish, aquarium accessories, and water to their desk drawer. Before pulling the prank, wait until the coworker has left for vacation or is out of the office. If you want to go even further, you can pack the office with stuffed animals. The coworker will never know where to begin with this fun office prank.

Fun Thoughts For Brilliant Office Pranks

Office pranks don’t have to be as obvious as you might think. If you are good at making a big noise, you can use something like a foghorn to start a meeting. This kind of prank will definitely get everyone’s attention. Alternatively, you can tape some creepy pictures on the ceiling tiles, like those of skeletons or witches.

One of the pranks you can play at work is to disguise a treat box by writing “Out of Order: Use Other Bathroom” in frosting and leaving it in the office. The target’s coworkers will be frightened when they realize their lunches will be uncomfortable. You can try this one by putting it in a break room or another place where you know your coworkers hang out. They’ll reach for the original treat and find a healthy snack – and they will know who the prankster is!

You can also try installing a fake crime scene on the subfloor of your coworker’s computer. The prank will make your coworkers laugh but may have some legal implications. When found, the police will want to question you! So, you need to be careful when performing this prank. You may get caught and be forced to pay a heavy price. You should be aware of these potential repercussions before carrying out such an act.

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