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Top 30 Business Ideas For Students To Startup At University

Setting up your Business ideas for students is a terrific way to make additional money at home, but coming up with a good one may be difficult. These tiny company ideas will spark your entrepreneurial spirit and position you for startup success.

7 benefits of starting a business as a student

If I could go back and do it all over again, I would have dabbled in entrepreneurship long ago. The lessons I learned from working part-time helped me grow personally and professionally. There are several benefits to pursuing a business idea in college—it’s not too late to cash in on them:

  • Gain real-world business experience: Sure, business school can teach you theories and formulas, but there’s nothing like running a business to learn the ropes.
  • Learn skills that may not be taught in the classroom: Strengthen your skills in empathy, empowerment, stress management, customer service and more. Once student entrepreneurs enter for marketing, they have an advantage over other graduates. The skills you learn outside of the classroom are just as valuable as those you learn in lectures.
  • Build your professional network: By the time you graduate, you’ll have a contact list full of people to ask for recommendations, mentorship, and even jobs.
  • Try a career before graduation: Study fashion management? Try running your own online clothing selling business to get a feel for the industry.
  • Grow your resume: As a new graduate, your resume can be very sparse. But if you ran your own unique business in college, you could add “CEO” to your list of accomplishments.
  • Make extra cash: If you’re looking to lighten your load after graduation, it’s a good idea to save to cover expenses and minimize debt.
  • Enjoy a stream of income related to your studies: As your own boss, you manage your time. The combined effort of arranging part-time work around studies and courses can add to the stress. Run your own business on a flexible schedule, then give it all during the summer.

30 small business ideas for students startup business

Whether you’re fresh out of high school or taking a break before your senior year of college, this is your moment. When else in your life did you have so much time and youthful energy to make a leap? There are plenty of beginner-friendly business ideas that require little upfront investment and can even be run from home (or dorm room).

Before we look at specific ideas for choosing for your personality type, get inspired by the following list of the best business types for college students:

  1. Teach, mentor, or tutor: Perhaps the most organic of all the entrepreneurial options on this list, mentoring is a natural place for college students to entrepreneurship their careers. If you achieve good grades in a particular subject, you can help students who follow your path, whether at primary, secondary or university level.
  2. Handmade items for sale: Candles, bonsai plants, jewellery, candied fruit, Christmas decorations, fresh produce, woodworking; the list of market stall ideas is limited only by your imagination. Whichever method you choose, be sure to offer your customers a way to pay with their card.
  3. Start a service based business: What services can you provide in your city or town? Start a basic website to advertise services like child care, pet sitting, delivery, personal shopping, maintenance, landscaping and more – the possibilities are endless.
  4. Try dropshipping: Dropshipping lets you sell to customers without having to buy products up front or manage inventory via E-bay. This is a great idea for those with design and marketing skills. These products are not as important as how you plan, market and position them.
  5. Start a community-focused business or nonprofit: If your goal is not to make money but to gain skills and experience, you can start a good cause and give back to a charity or community organization you care about.
  6. Monetize content or personal branding: If you’re already a minor star on social media platforms like TikTok or Instagram, consider capitalizing on your growing audience to earn money. Do sponsored content or set up an online store to sell handcraft to your followers.
  7. Sell print-on-demand merchandise: This is another great option for starting a business on a low budget. If you have the creative skills, you can sell art or graphic designs printed on anything from t-shirts to camping mugs.
  8. Become a freelancer: Allow yourself time for freelance work such as editing, copywriting, web design, or whatever works best for you. You can set up a portfolio website or create a listing on a site like Upwork.
  9. Create experiences: As the world emerges from lockdown, the masses crave face-to-face connect with others. For example, can you create and sell experiences for visitors? Think bike rides or food tours of your city’s favorite spots.
  10. Become a reseller: If you have potential, search local buy and sell websites or thrift stores for interesting antiques. You can create a unique experience by restoring old home decor or vintage clothing and selling it on a dedicated website.
  11. Sold at pop-up shops and markets: Grow your own vegetables and make preserves, bake cookies, create handmade items or curate wine. Whatever your skills or interests, consider how you can sell extra cash at weekend markets or pop-ups.
  12. Run a summer camp project: Alleviate parental burnout after a fragile year of childcare and schooling. Pick one of your interests—like math, drama, or wilderness adventures—and create an engaging camp program for younger children.
  13. Pet sitting: Maybe you think fur babies are cuter than humans – if so, pet sitting is for you! Other pet-centric profitable business ideas include dog walking and pet grooming.
  14. Cleaning: Are you the type of person who likes to transform a space from dirty to clean? Cleaning, whether in the commercial or residential sector, is a nice little paycheck while giving learners in campus the flexibility they need.
  15. Mowing: Do you enjoy the outdoors? As a lawn mower and gardener, you can enjoy your daily tasks while making your backyard beautiful (the grass will keep growing!) The main hurdle is like to buying the necessary equipment.
  16. Delivery driving: We can now buy almost anything online, which means there is an ever-increasing demand for drivers willing to deliver for us. With food delivery on the rise, you might not even need a car to start the business—a bike might just do!
  17. Influence: Are influencer a social media expert? If you can grow a large and active following, you can commercialize your online presence through sponsored content and affiliate marketing!
  18. Copywriting/Editing: Word lovers will be thrilled to hear that it’s easier than ever to save money writing and editing. Simplify create a profile on Upwork and offer your services to everyone who might need them!
  19. Web Design: If your talents lie more in the visual space as virtual assistant, you can sign up for the same platforms as above, but with services around graphics, images, and web design.
  20. Vintage Fashion Deals: Do you love vintage fashion? Are you a regular shopper who likes to bargain? Are you aware of the need for a more circular economy? This exceptional opportunity can tick the boxes for many.
  21. Print on Demand: Here’s another one for the designer in the room. If you have a design – or maybe a photo – that you think would look great on a t-shirt, mug, stubby stand, or wall hanging, you can offer these items via photocopy so you don’t have to carry any inventory!
  22. Photography: When it comes to photography, the service is more in demand than ever. You could offer to photograph family meetings or products for a new business, or you could try selling your own landscape, sports or wildlife photography.
  23. Airbnb Hosting: While you may not have the money to own your own bed and breakfast – but – you can host an Airbnb for someone else who doesn’t have the time! Done right, this can be especially lucrative.
  24. Data Entry and Management: While it may seem tedious at first glance, part-time management and barrier to entry can give you a real insight into the business owners world, building knowledge from the inside out.
  25. Manage Social Media: All businesses know the importance of social media, but few make it a priority. Since you’re younger and more tech-savvy than most, you can manage business social media accounts!
  26. Walking guide: Do you like shows? Do you love showing people around your city? Why not start a hiking business? Your best bet, at least at first, is to make it a tip-only affair so you can build your reputation. You might also consider providing an online booking tool for your customers.
  27. Moving: Students are constantly moving in and out of college housing, which is an opportunity for those who aren’t afraid of physical exertion. If you offer your services as a mover, you might be surprised at the amount of business out there.
  28. Parenting: Do you enjoy spending time with children? Parents always need help with childcare, whether it’s during their working hours or when they’re having fun on the weekends, making babysitting and childcare a fun and very flexible income option for educators.
  29. Create a local coaching: Website, magazine, develop an app — whatever you choose, use your knowledge of the area to use the resources to help new students get the most out of their new town.
  30. Create a Motivational App: Along with some inspirational messages, make sure the app records lecture/seminar/gym attendance. It can then reward users who stick to their goals (or exceed them!) with points, vouchers, or gifts, and penalize laziness.

But wait, how do I start? It’s as easy as doing it. Build an online store and get a feel for the tools before you make a plan, then learn as you go using free entrepreneurial resources like the website.

Top Picks for Start a Business in College Ideas and best small online business ideas

Hey what’s your logo? We are less interested in when you were born and more interested in your living habits. Here, we’ll hone in on your unique personality type and provide university business advice curated just for you.

Trait Sign: Outsider

You’re our standout of the month, outsider, because you’re likely already planning your financial future. For someone who avoids risk at all startup costs, going to college with debt can be stressful as for architecture.

If you’ve been thinking about paying off debt, there are plenty of ways to do it now, even while you’re still learning. For you, startup ideas business in college can give you financial peace of mind — allowing you to focus less on make money and more on graduation.

What is the best type of business for an outsider undergraduate in university?

You are a reliable person who always submits assignments on time and to a high standard. Choosing a business does not affect your commitment to your studies. Take your time and set your own boundaries so you don’t get overwhelmed. Remember to make time for social activities – the lessons you learn by joining groups or clubs or attending campus local events can be very valuable to your future.

3 college startup business ideas for foreigners

The right business for you, the outsider, is one that you can run yourself without investment. Here are some to get you started:

Offer services to other students based on your major or field of study. As someone who focuses on one thing, your expertise may be higher than many of your fellow students.

Sell crafts at local markets or on campus. You may not be a natural salesperson, but these experiences will help high school students develop the communication skills you’ll need if you choose to run a business after graduation.

Sell digital products online. If you’re a business major, sell business plan templates. Photography major? Sells presets for photo editing software. If you’re learning music, sell licenses to store audio or songs. No matter what industry you’re in, how can you add value and attract customers by running a low-investment business selling digital products?


You can be a very successful person or for engineering. Maybe you’re headed toward a fast-track graduation, or start two side hustles for a quick, debt-free break into the real world. Maybe you made the most of your summer vacation by walking the sidewalk looking for internships.

Venus! Whatever your ultimate goal is, you are constantly pursuing it. That’s why you might be the best of all signs to start a business in college while you’re still in college. The benefits are clear—boss titles are great for bragging rights.

What is the best type of business for mountaineering person in academia?

Even if you’re super active — achieving your goals is rewarding enough — you won’t mind getting the attention you deserve. You are a natural performer. While you’re content to do all the filming, you certainly thrive when you’re surrounded by people. Why not use your natural charisma and leadership skills to run your own student business?

3 College Business Ideas for Mountaineers

Use to your advantage by creating and monetizing content or running a service business – anything that puts you at the center of attention or around people. It’s best choice.

Start or grow a YouTube channel. Find niche or underserved audiences and produce content that creates value. Once you’ve built a loyal fan base, sell ads or promoted content, or open a merchandise store to utilise your personal brand.

  • Design a summer or sports camp for kids.
  • Your services as a consultant are offered based on your specific skills or field of study.


If you don’t already run several businesses in your dorm room, Firestarter or science, we’d be surprised. You’re the type who’s always looking for opportunities, running a plan, and making as much serious money as possible with the least amount of effort.

We can’t blame you for that – your ease in the business world is enviable, and it has paid off. But if you haven’t used your talents to start at university, there’s never been a better time to do it!

Which business type is best for Firestarter child in education?

If things aren’t challenging, fast-paced, and a little adventurous, you’ll get bored pretty quickly. It is important for you to be able to turn easily. With this in mind, look for businesses that can grow quickly or fail. Choose anything that allows you to be relatively hands-off so you’re flexible enough to pursue new ideas.

3 College Business Ideas from Firestarters

Here are some business ideas that fit your personality that you can put into practice today:

  • Start a dropshipping or publish low initial investment to lets you sell goods.
  • Run a service business to provide tutoring or mentoring in your study subject.
  • Invest in other best small businesses ideas. If you have some extra money to play with, back something that excites you.


Of all the signs, you are the best at managing your time and budget. You keep meticulous records. Heck, your 25-year plan is probably color-coded and laminated. Because you’re organized, you know exactly how much time and energy you can devote to side projects or projects between studies and classes.

Cartographer is perfect for starting a small business during the summer holidays. You can also be the boss (however you like), and the extra cash will help minimize debt – your natural enemy – before you graduate.

Which Business Type is Best for Cartographer teenager in education?

You are a lone wolf, happy to get lost in the details. You’d rather work late than delegate if it means things get done right your way. You are best suited to begin a small business that you can reasonably manage on your own outside of your studies. Find low-risk business ideas for college students like you to run from home.

3 College Business Ideas for Cartographers

An internet shop is great for those who are more reserved. The online format combined with your creativity and attention to detail is a winning formula.

  • Make handmade items and sell them through your online business ideas or marketplace.
  • Create educational content—such as craft, design, or home organization tutorials—and sell it online. Set up social accounts with free content and trailers to help build an audience.
  • Offer freelance digital services such as design, branding, writing, templates or website development.


Your best traits, the trailblazer or management, are also sometimes your downfalls. You have a problem with two so many thoughts that it makes you lose focus on one thing. At the risk of further distracting your studies, a small business may actually be your medicine. The constraints of a typical younger student job can feel restrictive for trailblazers like you. Since you’re born with the ability to balance a million things, why not add a little side hustle to the mix?

Which business type is best for a Trailblazer College student?

Business venture allows you to bring your ideas to life, inject your creativity into your passions, and make adjustments when something shiny catches your eye. Since your passion will naturally attract others, consider a business that includes others. Design the work environment of your dreams—no dress code, no set hours, and lots of collaboration. After all, you are the boss.

3 College Business Ideas for Trailblazers

Choose a business low cost that allows you to be flexible and solve creative problems. Here are some ideas for trailblazers like you:

  1. Create a range of designs around a trend or interest and print them to sell on products like tote bags or travel mugs. You can use a print-on-demand service to automate many tasks. Want a collaborative angle? Commission and sell the work of design students.
  2. Invent and sell a product or service that solves a problem—especially if it benefits a school students may be like you. When you’re in school, you have a built-in client base. If successful, create job opportunities for your favorite classmates.
  3. Start a marketplace (online or campus pop-up) to help foster entrepreneurship among your peers. Sell other people’s work and get a share of your hard work.

Read more: How to reduce stress better when you startup?

How do college students start a business?

Now that you have an idea, it’s time to act! You can find our comprehensive guide on launching a startup here – but below you can find the basic steps to setting up your business can help charge a small fee.

Before we get there though, a quick note to international students coming to Australia on a student visa (subclass 500): While you can certainly start your own business, this visa only allows you to work a maximum of 20 hours a week. If you carry on a business outside this scope, you will not comply with the conditions of your visa and could face consequences.

So, how do you start a best college business ideas for students?

  • Write a business plan: By printing your path to success, you can give yourself direction while also spotting potential problems early on.
  • Find a location: Where will you do help small business ideas for college? Remotely? From your student residence? From an online course?
  • Decide on your business structure: talk to an expert and decide if you want to be a sole trader, partnership, corporation or trust.
  • Choose a name and gain compliance: Choose your business name, register it, and complete all other necessary legal documents related to tax and regulatory responsibilities.
  • Figure out how you’ll get paid: Look for payment providers that allow your customers to pay how they want.
  • Growth and success: The rest of the journey will require ambition and drive. At this point, your business will depend on you!

Thank you for taking the time to read this information. I hope it provides you with a detailed review of internet business ideas for university students. Please share your ideas in the comments section below.

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