Buy a Durian Tree: Things You Should Consider

Where you can buy a durian tree

If you want to eat fresh durian fruit instead of buying a frozen one. Why don’t you try to plant its tree? This fruit is a kind of tropical fruit and grew almost in Southeast Asia. Therefore, planting durian in the United States is not easy; however, Florida State is the only place where people can plant durian trees. Keep reading our website to explore some things you should consider to buy a durian tree.

Let us explore the secret things of this tree.

What Is The Scientific Name Of Durian Tree

What is the scientific name of durian tree

The durian tree is a tropical, evergreen palm with large leaves and a dense irregular crown, are called “King of fruit” due to its size. The fruits are a mixture of flesh and pulp. The fruits are edible and have a sweet, meaty pulp. The fruit is sometimes frozen for prolonged shelf life. The scientific name of durian is Cynosurus pyriformis or Durio Zibethinus.

Its scientific name is derived from the civet which lives in the durian tree. This fruit tree has a distinct pungent odor. The fruit is surrounded by a thorny outer layer and covered in a silvery rind. Durians are cultivated throughout Asia and North America. In fact, the this fruit tree is native to the Malay Peninsula and has been around for centuries.

One of the most famous kinds is called ” Musang King”

Can You Plant Durian In USA

Can you plant durian in USA

It requires a temperature of at least 18 degrees Celsius to fruit. However, travelers can bring commercially canned fruits and vegetables to the United States.

You can learn more about the tree’s growing conditions by reading this article. Here is some information on trees of durian fruits. The fruit is edible only from the inner carpels. It is usually large and hangs from the branches of the durian tree.

The first step in planting this tree is to prepare it for indoor growing. You can soak a paper towel in water and wrap it around the seed. Then, place the bag in a window with at least four hours of direct sunlight. Make sure the soil is moist and not too dry. Then, plant the seeds in top-grade potting soil, half-buried in the ground.

Where You Can Buy A Durian Tree

Where you can buy a durian tree

If you are looking to grow this fruit trees, you may be wondering where to purchase one. These spiky fruits have a sweet and sour fragrance and a taste that is hard to resist. Unfortunately, durians are so popular that you cannot purchase them in supermarkets or eat them on public transportation. The best place to get this fruit tree is in Southeast Asia, near the village of Mae Hong Son.

You should know that the fruit requires special conditions in order to thrive. Although the fruit grows well in Hawaii, Florida, and Puerto Rico, it hasn’t been grown on a commercial scale in the United States.

The plants need consistent temperatures of 75 to 85oF. Below this temperature, the fruit loses leaves and cannot tolerate frost. You should check the soil temperature every two months or so, and water your new tree as needed.

We give you this video on how to plant this fruit for your preference.

How To Choose The Best Durian Tree

If you are wondering how to grow durian, you can get a cutting from a local owner or nursery. Ensure that the cutting is at least three feet long and two inches in diameter. It should be staked well and watered daily for four months.

This trees thrives in soil that is rich and loamy. You should also remember that durian fruit tree hate to have their feet wet. Here are some tips to help you grow this kind of tree successfully.

First of all, try to pick durians with green stems. Durians with yellow husks are less desirable than green ones. Also, try to avoid those with large cracks on the husk. Although hairline cracks are inevitable, you can still make an educated choice.

Look for taut stems. Those that bend easily are of inferior quality. To test the durian’s quality, you can try pressing your nose near the middle.

Last but not least, if you are going to plant this fruit tree, shop around the places in Southeast Asian to find the price and how they sale about delivery, payment terms. Because of the climate difference, maybe this fruit tree will live shorter than Southeast Asian.

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Durian trees grown from seed bear fruit after 8 to 10 years. Grafted trees begin to bear fruit after 4-6 years. From flowering to harvest, it takes about 110-120 days. Malaysia’s main fruiting season runs from May to August, with a minor season from December to February.

Durian trees are enormous, especially if they are grown from seed. A fully grown durian tree can reach heights of 150 feet. You probably don’t want this plantzilla towering over your house, dropping durians down your chimney, or bombing the cat. As a result, you require space.

Durian cultivation can be a profitable crop, yielding up to $10,000 per hectare.

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