Doing Change Signature On Outlook In The Right Way

Knowing how to change signature on outlook helps you change it easily.

Having a good signature when you send an email will make you appear far more professional. It’s also a great way to provide the email recipients with all of your contact information without having to type it every time you send an email.

Don’t you want to keep the recent signature because you are promoted to a higher position? Or are you the new staff of that position? You need to have the new one in your mail.

Knowing how to change signature on outlook helps you change it easily.

Well, you are here for that. Below is the information that can help you in this article.


How to change signature on Outlook

How to swap one signature for another in an Outlook message

Using Signatures in Outlook


Microsoft outlook is the software of Microsoft office is used in business email

If you are using the signature function on Outlook to add a standardized block of text to the end of each of your messages, sometimes you can adjust that text.

Or perhalf you want to customize the existing signature. Either way, it is so easy.

How to change signature on Outlook

If you want to make a permanent change to signature in your account that you insert in the Outlook message, you can do that easily by using the Signature and Stationary dialog box.

1. Open Outlook and then click “New email” in the ribbon bar to create a blank email message. 

2. In the untitled email message, go to the ribbon bar. Click “Signature” and then “Signatures….” ,like the following picture.

Open Outlook and then click "New Email"

3. In the “Select signatures to edit” window at the top left, select the signature you want to transform. 

4. In the “edit signature” window below, make any desired changes to the signature. You can edit the text itself, as well as change the formatting or add elements like images. 

5. When you’re done, click “OK.” Your edits will be saved to the signature for all new messages.  

or you want to create the new email signature in outlook

  1. Click “add a signature” then type your new signature
  2. Choose default signature to set it in default, this will appear whenever you type the new messages

How to swap one signature for another in an Outlook message

If you want to customize the signature appears automatically in the new email, you have 2 simple options:

  • In the new untitled email, go to the ribbon bar and click “Signature.” Then choose a different signature from the drop-down list. The signature will automatically change to the signature you want to use. 
  • You can edit the signature directly in the email message. Just change the signature text or delete it entirely.

When you choose a signature from the drop-down menu, it replaces whatever signature is already in the email message. 

The second step to do this change

Using Signatures in Outlook

This step will be finished, you only select signature you want

Not all email clients do a good job providing users with a good way to attach signatures to email. Outlook, both mobile and desktop, makes signatures easy to create and simple to use.

The final step is to change the signature and then you can use it

In short, to change your signature in Outlook you only do some steps and it is easy for you to remember for next time.

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