Cheap Hotels Near FIFA World Cup 2022 Football Stadiums in Qatar

Cheap Hotels Near FIFA World Cup 2022

Cheap hotels near FIFA World Cup 2022 were this year’s most searched content hub. The atmosphere of the world’s top tournament is spreading globally, leading to many incentives on accommodation services. recommends you the best accommodation this season that you can consider.

Qatar accommodation information for football fans

One option is booking a Fan Village Cabin through the Qatar 2022 website. But be aware that the “cabin” looks like a lined up, small, hot cellar and crowded.

Likewise, we heard that the Qatari government would organize tent rentals, which is no better than Cabin.

In short, don’t expect a comfortable experience like staying in a hotel with air conditioning, water conditioning or basic amenities, etc.

Better yet, look for locals who will show you the best places to stay and that’s how you’ll make new friends, but be aware that they’re quite hard to come by.

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How to find cheap hotels near FIFA World Cup 2022?

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar will occur in eight main stadiums around the capital Doha.

The distance to the stadiums only takes about 15 to 20 minutes by motorbike, the farthest one takes about 45 minutes.

One of the things you can refer to in advance is: checking the booking apps around the stadiums. However, if you want to book a room in the heart of Doha now, it may be a bit late because it is almost sold out now.

Make sure you have cash on hand by withdrawing money in advance from your home country or going to Qatar to convert, this will help you book overnight accommodations here.

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You can refer to some other types of accommodation as follows:

Fan Villages Football Association

Fan Villages Football Association

Currently, the fan villages have three locations available on the outskirts of Qatar: south of Doha, north near Lusail Stadium and west of Doha.

 At $208/night, this is the most affordable option for fans going to Qatar for the World Cup. Fans can have two single or one large bed, complete with mattresses, pillows, and warm blankets.

Remember that this is far from the luxury of the 5-star hotels that Qatar has built-in Doha or neighboring countries. Basically, it’s a place to sleep and rest, not a sight to see.

Its amenities include ceiling fans, free Wi-Fi, two bottles of water a day, twice-weekly housekeeping and relatively easy access to Doha by metro.

There is no sign of air conditioning in these villas but fortunately, here the evenings are quite cool and windy.

 Apartment in Doha, Qatar

 Apartment in Doha, Qatar

Apartments in Qatar start at less than $100 a night and are available everywhere.

Also, due to the wide range of options, there are apartments and villas that stretch from Al Janoub Stadium in the South to Al Khor in the North of the country.

Some options, such as in Al Wakrah, have 3-bedroom apartments for around $530 a night. Fans can choose from six-bed apartments if they want to travel in groups.

It is certain that the apartments will have air conditioning, and necessary amenities or be provided with transportation. All will have standard housekeeping several times per week, Wi-Fi access and essential kitchen equipment.

If you are lucky, you may be able to rent popular vehicles in Qatar that few people in other countries know about Why American Cars Such As Chevrolet And Or Gmc Are Based In Qatar?.

Cruise Ship Hotels

Cruise Ship Hotels in Qatar

A pair of cruise ships from MSC Cruises will dock at Doha’s Grand Terminal, just outside the city center. It makes it easy to get into activities and transport to stadiums.

Currently, cruise ships cost $195 per night on MSC Poesia and $379 per night on MSC World Europa. The reason is, that World Europa is still under construction as of September 2022, making the Qatar World Cup fans on board some of the first to populate the ship.

Staying on a cruise ship for the Qatar World Cup will be like going on vacation on a yacht. There are dinner and drink options on board, and there are entertainment options on both.

The rooms are relatively small, as are cruise ship standards, such as toilets, wifi, etc. Although knowing that it is really good, its cost does not stop at renting a boat but also incurs many other costs.

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Qatar World Cup hotel prices

Qatar World Cup hotel prices

Hotels in Qatar as well as hotels in other countries, including: single, double or bed for groups of friends, family and the usual amenities.

However, finding a hotel near the date of the World Cup group stage is quite difficult.

The hotels closest to the stadium were mostly booked months in advance.

You can book the rooms a bit far from the center, it is far away and takes time to travel. But still make sure the room rate will not be too high and you can also take advantage of visiting a few tourist attractions on days when there are no matches.

The price per hotel room in Qatar is currently hovering around $200/night for a regular single room. More upscale and scenic rooms with 2 beds will fall in the range of $500 to $800 per night.

Some hotel rooms will link up with healthy food restaurants to bring you clean, fresh dishes or vegan dishes.
Or you can also go to the delicious food places in Qatar and discover them for yourself.

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Outside of Qatar and travel by plane

travel by plane to qatar

There are reasons to stay outside of Qatar Peninsula, staying temporarily in neighboring countries such as: Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Sharjah, Dubai, Ras al-Khaimah and Umm al-Qaiwain.

And wait until the matches are near, you can fly there to watch, before that, you will have the opportunity to travel to countries in the territory of the United Arab Emirates.

Some airlines that call home the Persian Gulf will offer air shuttle transfers during the World Cup. For example, Qatar Airways, Flydubai, Oman Air, Kuwait Airways and Saudi Airlines will fly the shuttle service daily. There will be about 160 shuttle flights per day.

The biggest advantage of this service is, that you can come to this country to watch the match and you want, then you can immediately. This ensures that you only need about 1 day for travel time to and from.

However, very few people choose this way except for the rich because the cost of a quick trip can be around $1500 for a Qatar football viewing session.

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Qatar International Travel Information

fifa world cup 2022 in doha

Tips for Travelers going to World Cup 2022

Your first and most important step is to go straight to the World Cup 2022 Qatar to buy tickets to watch the match. Next, sign up to access your Hayya Card. That provides access to Qatar, for example, to the stadium, and to get free transportation within the country by bus or metro.

The Hayya Card acts as an entry visa for tourists in Qatar. This is a mandatory card for visitors to the World Cup, don’t forget to have it ready or ask for information from the airlines.

The best option might be the apartments. It offers a combination of low-cost fan villages and government-supplied hotels. That being said, here are the options available to those who want to stay in Qatar for the duration of the World Cup.

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Tourist visa for travelers to Qatar World Cup

When traveling with a passport (especially US citizens who wish to visit Doha for tourism will be exempted from visa checks on arrival by the Government of Qatar, provided that their passport is valid for six months and return or outgoing ticket).

For visitors from other countries, a tourist visa is an important and necessary element.

Visa is like a passport, you can be checked wherever you go so don’t forget to carry it 24/7 in your wallet.

Let’s read: What Are The Requirements For A Visa On Arrival In Doha, Qatar? to know you need things for your journey.

Certificate of vaccination against Covid 19 arrives in Doha in 2022

Although the epidemic situation has been significantly reduced in this land of the Qatar archipelago, it is still advised that tourists must have at least 2 injections before coming here.

You can test PCR in your home country (provided it has been tested within 14 days before you leave that territory).

Or alternatively, you will be checked in person at the airport before arriving at your desired destination, the cost of each check will be around $80.

If you are not confident in your native language, use English to get help from flight attendants. Or know more about: What Language Do The People Of Qatar Speak? Is The Official Language Arabic?

Please ensure that you do not carry Covid-19 in your body to both ensure your safety and avoid cross-contamination to others.

Please refer to the locations closest to the 2022 World Cup stadium for convenient travel: Al Aziziyah, Al Bidda, Al Doha Al Jadeda, Al Mansoura, Al Matar Al Qadeem, Al Messila, Al Qassar, Al Rayyan Al Qadeem.

Not enough at all.

There are slightly under 30,000 hotel rooms in Qatar, according to Qatar Tourism.
According to Omar Al-Jaber, the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy’s director of lodging, 80 percent of these rooms have already been reserved by FIFA players, referees, journalists, and other official visitors.

There are currently three places for the fan communities outside of Qatar.
This is the most economical choice for visitors to Qatar during the World Cup, costing $218 per night.
Just south of Doha, north of Lusail Stadium, and farther west of Doha are the three alternatives.

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