Cherokee Native American Symbols Meanings, Spirits & Culture

Cherokee Native American Symbols

Cherokee Native American Symbols are used to represent the Cherokee tribe. Each symbol has a deep, spiritual meaning that is unique to the native American tribe. One of the more prominent symbols among the Cherokee is the owl, which represents wisdom and foresight.

Powerpacplus’s Summary

  • Warriors had this graphic tattooed to show their bravery in the battlefield.
  • Online sites provide marriage boxes and downloadable traditional designs.
  • Numbers Cherokee mythology, customs, and politics employ two numbers: 4 and 7
  • The star’s wreath of leaves and nuts symbolizes leaders’ centuries-old fire.
  • Cherokee “Little People” are famous.

About Cherokee symbols

The Cherokees, with their strong sense of family and love, have a proud history of symbols that are both meaningful and beautiful. These symbols represent protection and courage, peace and inner strength, wisdom and spiritual beauty.

They are often used in tribal tattoos or other tattoo designs to honor the Cherokee tribe’s ancient traditions. The most widely used Cherokee symbol is the chart of their alphabet known as the Cherokee syllabary.

This chart makes it easy for anyone to learn how to spell out a name or phrase using the traditional Cherokee letters.

Warriors were often tattooed with this chart symbolizing their courage on the battlefields. Symbols such as marriage boxes or printable versions of traditional patterns have also been created over time and can be found on various sites online.

Each one carries a special meaning for those who wear them, from representing strength and courage to showing love for family and friends.

No matter what your reason, these symbols can be worn proudly as a reminder of your connection to the Cherokee people and all they stand for: love, protection, wisdom, inner strength, beauty and courage.

Cherokee Native American Symbols

The Cherokees are the largest of more than 500 Native American tribes recognized by the United States federal government.

As a result, their signs and methods of communication are widespread. Many people can understand them and communicate with them.

Here is an overview of Cherokee symbolism relating to animals, numbers, plants, flags, and weapons. Ticking all of them will help you better understand the culture of this tribe.


According to the Cherokee myth, the animals have lived in a higher world called Galunlati since the beginning of the earth.

Animals had seven days and nights to guard the beings on earth. The cougar and the owl were the only two creatures that could stay awake all the time because they could see things in the dark.

Animals symbol

These people regard the owl with great respect because it has eyes on the front of the head, just like humans. They also believed that these animals could cure diseases.

In addition, owls have a strong connection with the spirit realm. Their appearance sometimes portended a future death. Healers using “owl medicine” on their deathbeds bestow peace and visions.


Cherokee myths, traditions, and political arrangements commonly use two numbers: 4 and 7.

The number four refers to the four cardinal points: east, west, north and south. It corresponds to how heaven hangs the earth on four different cords.

On the other hand, the number seven signals seven clans in the nation. This number also represents the high standard of purity that few can achieve.

According to the culture, only seven things have reached this high level of purity, and they are:

  • Two animals: puma and owl
  • Five trees: spruce, laurel, pine, cedar and holly

Pine Tree

An anthropologist named James Mooney lived among the natives for a long time. He collected their stories and presented them in a book called Myths of the Cherokee.

This book covers many of the culture’s legends, including the origin of the Pleiades. Although other cultures have explained the roots of the Pleiades, people are still curious about the truth.

Pine Tree

According to local legends, seven boys danced in front of the crowd and six of them flew up into the sky to become the six different stars.

Unfortunately, the seventh boy couldn’t make it because the earth swallowed him. His mother cried where he got lost. Her tears soaked up the ground, and there grew a pine tree.

The natives claimed that this tree had the same properties as the six stars. It could shine brightly with a similar light.


The flag of the Cherokee Nation has a seven-pointed star at its heart, symbolizing seven clans: Wild, Wolf, Long Hair, Paint, Bird, Potato, and Deer.

Wreaths of leaves and nuts circle the star, representing the fire that leaders have kept burning for centuries.


The phrases “Seal of the Cherokee Nation” surrounding the wreaths are printed in both Cherokee and English.

Seven stars surround the central symbol, symbolizing the seven clans. In the upper right corner, a black star represents the thousands sacrificed on the Trail of Tears.


Cherokee medicines and rituals make full use of spruce, cedar, holly, and bay trees. Native crops include beans, squash, and corn, known as the “three sisters.”

There are seven clans in the parish, and each has a different sacred forest.

  • Wild: ash
  • Wolf: Hickory
  • Longhair: beech
  • Color: Locust
  • Bird: maple
  • Potato: birch
  • Deer: oak


In the early days, these native warriors used longbows to fight. These guns were so heavy that the Europeans couldn’t even draw them.

They combined the bows with powerful arrows that could effortlessly go through a horse’s hindquarters and strike right into its heart. They also fired spears with considerable force using an atlatl.

Since flint was simpler to Knapp than most other rocks and was plentiful, they used it as the main raw material for arrowheads.

For hunting small game, the Cherokee arsenal featured blowguns nine feet long.

They also had stone fighting clubs, as well as axes and cannons. These weapons were products of trade with Europeans.


Spirits and Supernatural Beings in Cherokee Culture

Little People

“Little People” are famous among this Native American tribe. Although they are not supernatural, humans can only see them when they want to.

When a Cherokee meets the Little People, it’s taboo to tell anyone for seven years. Lost or sad children often have this experience because the Little People want to help them.

These natives also believe in supernatural spirits who have died but chose to remain on earth. They call these spirits “ghosts”.

Four Winds

Another popular spirit being is the Four Winds. They have stayed in the corners since the beginning of the earth. The mission of these messengers is to keep track of the seasons.


The Cherokee symbol for strength is an ancient representation of the power of love, family, protection, and courage. It is part of the Cherokee syllabary, which is a chart of letters and symbols used to write the Cherokee language.

This symbol conveys inner strength and wisdom as well as peace and beauty. They choose to get this symbol as a traditional Cherokee tribal tattoo or tattoo design because it is believed to bring spiritual protection. The pattern is easy to identify since it looks like a plus sign inside a circle.

In addition, there are printable versions available that you can use for marriage vows or other ceremonies. This symbol has been used by warriors throughout the ages to represent courage and strength in times of adversity. It also serves as a reminder of their ancestral heritage and connection with their ancestors’ ancient wisdom.

The largest Cherokee clan is the Ani-Kutani, which means “principal people” in the Cherokee language. Members of this prestigious tribe feel a strong sense of love, family and protection for each other.

They have an alphabet chart known as the Cherokee syllabary, which is composed of 85 characters.

The Ani-Kutani are also known for their warrior spirit, but they strive for peace and understanding above all else. Their name symbolizes spiritual beauty and inner strength.

It is easy to recognize a member of this clan by their distinctive tribal tattoos, often found on their arms or faces. These tattoo designs have ancient wisdom and courage embedded in them, as well as a unique pattern that tells a story of Cherokee history.

A printable version of these symbols can be found online if you wish to learn more about them. Marriages between members of this clan are highly respected and considered sacred unions that should not be taken lightly.

The Ani-Kutani are truly remarkable people who carry an aura of strength, courage and wisdom with them wherever they go.

Spiritual beliefs are often represented through signs, symbols, and rituals. Common signs of spiritual belief include the use of religious imagery in artwork, the use of specific colors or patterns to represent a deity or philosophy, and the incorporation of certain phrases or words into daily life.

These signs also often have deeper meanings that can be understood by those familiar with their religion’s underlying concepts. For example, some religions might consider a cross to represent life after death or the sun to symbolize enlightenment.

Other symbols can be used to remind believers of their faith and encourage them to live according to its teachings. Ultimately, these signs serve as tangible reminders for spiritual followers and are meant to bring comfort and guidance during difficult times.

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