wo universities with good bachelor's degrees.

About William Erickson

William Erickson is a co-founder of PowerPACPlus, an author and editor.

His hobbies are traveling and exploring, taking care of animals, and studying natural science.

He works as a policy consultant in a securities company.

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I graduated from two universities with good bachelor’s degrees.

I have five years of experience working for an insurance company and three years working for a securities firm. I gave consultancy to my clients about insurance policies, finance and banking policies to help them reduce the risks in their business.

On the other hand, I always desire to explore life with many trips. I made a travel plan for myself – to balance my work and passion – it is not easy. But traveling around the world is my dream. I had chances to come to over 50 countries, with over 100 places. My life experience is varied in many aspects.

Through the trips, I have gained a lot of experience and knowledge. I love animals, so I usually come to the places featuring the animals to see and learn about their lives. Travel is the best way for me to learn all about life. I also love to share and teach people how to take care of animals and the magic of life science.

I mainly write on the topics of insurance and commerce law, pets, travel, employment and unemployment.