How Much Does it Cost to Visit the Danakil Desert?

cost to travel danakil desert

How much does it cost to visit the Danakil Depression? The price of your tour depends on the length of your trip and the itinerary. You can take not and find some way to save a significant amount of money by choosing a package to go there. Let’s use a reasonable budget in schools in Ethiopia, Afar Triangle, and bring your visa throughout the trip.

Danakil Depression tour prices – Cost to visit the Danakil Desert

Danakil Depression tour prices

Can Tourists Go To The Danakil Depression? The reason is yes. The Danakil Desert is one of the most remote places on Earth and it’s also one of the most expensive to visit. And if you want to see any wildlife, you’re going to have to pay extra – camels can cost up to $150 per day, while dromedaries can run upwards of $300. If you’re looking for a truly unique travel experience, the Danakil Desert is worth to go.

You should be aware that this group is pro-independence, so military escort is mandatory. Typically, military escorts consist of real soldiers armed with old Russian Kalashnikovs. Driving a four-wheeler on these roads is also not recommended – it is easy to get into an accident and cause an injury to yourself and the driver.

The cost of a Danakil Desert tour relies on the number of people and days you plan to spend in the area and it will be offered in different price ranges depending on: book a flight online, or speak with locals in Ethiopian hotels. You should look for a tour company that specializes in the Danakil Depression to have the best private tour or an affordable group tour.

If you want to have a real adventure, recommend you go there in November or December. The best year temperatures make for a more enjoyable trip and allow you ought to enjoy more of the enchanting landscape and everything here. Almost at the time of year, you can spend at least a full one or two days in the Danakil Depression, tourist will answer any questions you may have. Usually, it is arranged 2 main sightseeing tours:

Danakil Depression tour duration

Danakil Depression tour duration

A Danakil Desert tour lasts a couple of days and is the most popular way to explore the arid lands of northern Ethiopia. The region is home to the Afar people, who live off the land and still follow the nomadic lifestyle. They have little to no infrastructure and survive on little more than salt and simple bread. The area is also famous for its sulfur springs, which hiss and glow in the neon green and yellow hues of the landscape. A trip to the region also includes the Erta Ale volcano, which features a cartoon-like molten center and eight lava lakes.

Visiting the Danakil Desert can be expensive, with a tour from Addis Ababa costing around $200 per person. However, there are ways to save money on trips to the desert, including staying in budget hotels or camping instead of taking tours. The desert is home to some of the world’s most extreme environments and has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The region is remote and requires a lengthy flight from most major cities. Additionally, many of the activities that are available there such as hiking and biking can cost a fair amount of money.

Danakil Depression tour location

Danakil Depression Tour Location

If you are planning a trip to the Danakil Depression, you should know the costs before booking a good trip. The tour includes transportation, sleeping accommodations, entertainment, food, and water. You need to pay anywhere about $600 to $800 for this tour and let follow the plan on reckon aim. The desert is home to some of the most extreme and hazardous conditions on Earth, making it inaccessible for you and your family. For example, a two-night tour will cost you approximately $900, while a three-night tour will expense you about $2,000, or more.

The Danakil Depression is in northeastern Ethiopia and is now for its sulfur lakes and crazy geological formations. It is also home to the Erta Ale volcano and the Afar people, which speak the indigenous Afar language, they are so friendly and you can have fun communicating with them. The tour location is 150 kilometers from the city of Mekele, which is a convenient starting point for your tour. While Mekele is not a particularly beautiful town, it serves as a great experience for your trip to the Danakil Depression.
Depending on the season, the cost to visit the Danakil Desert tour will vary. The hottest part of the world is the Danakil Depression, with temperatures as high as 50degC. The landscape is an unusual mix of deserts, including lava and salt lakes, rugged volcanic flows, and white salt flats. It looks like the land is melting away and people always say the landscape is the cradle of humanity, and many skeletons have been found in this region.

The Danakil is not the safest place on earth because it is still under military guard until just a few years ago. However, national’s government with new policies: everything will always improve to attract tourists.
You can intend to have a day trip from Mekele or an overnight tour, you want to climb a volcano, you’ll need to spend at least two nights in the Danakil and some tours in Lake Africa. Take note of the Tigrayan Martyrs Monument & Museum, which is an important add-on to your tour. But the most expensive part of a Danakil Desert tour is the travel, you ought to notify before deciding.

Another reason to pack extra water is that there’s no running water in Danakil, so everyone carries plastic bottles. While the tour company will supply you with a sleeping bag, you just bring a plan on reckon aim. If you want to experience the true wilderness, it’s essential to dress appropriately for the climate and flies are everywhere. In the summer, you’ll be exposed to the heat, so you should dress in layers to protect yourself from the heat.

Some Certain destinations and list prices when coming to Danakil Depression

destinations danakil depression

In the Danakil Desert, there are many attractions, but you need to choose wisely where you will be safe, with food and water. In addition, you need a travel guidebook if you go exploring alone or in a group tour. If possible, buy yourself travel insurance before you plan to go and when you arrive, avoid locations with sulfuric, as it is very dangerous. Here are some suggestions for sightseeing that you can refer to.

Cost of visiting Salt Lake in the Danakil Desert

Salt lake • $300-500 per person
Trip to the Danakil Depression Salt Lake
Salar De Uyuni • $200-400 per person
If you are a nature lover, you will be enchanted by the marvelous natural beauty of the Danakil Depression, also known as Lake Karum. This vast salt lake lies more than 100 meters below sea level in the Danakil Depression, Ethiopia. It contains the world’s national park and its dark green topology. However, it can be quite expensive to go through the depression, you can consider that want to book a tour of the region right away.

Payment to Explore Ethiopia

Ethiopia $1,000-2,000 per person
In Ethiopia you can find some of the most well-preserved ancient addresses and the most beautiful wildlife in Africa $1,000 per person, is costly. The best way to see the Greek part of Turkey is you can rent a cruise along the river and observe, learn about things you didn’t know, and take pictures to keep in memories.

Afar triangle $260 per person

The Afar triangle is one of the most remote and least visited places on earth and home to some of the world s most spectacular scenery $350-500 per person/Rift Valley, a dry climate zone where you can see wildlife like lions, leopards. It is interesting for curious people. You can observe animals found in Danakil Depression and they are living here, they are so rare.

Go to Erta Ale in eastern Ethiopia

The Erta Ale volcano has become a popular destination for adventure travelers, and you can drive or walk up to the top of it for only 50 – 80 dollars. Before you go, however, be sure to get a tour guide who has experience in such dangerous areas, they will go with you and it is safer. Some tour companies even offer tours to lake Africa to the south of the depression, you should also take the best time to visit the Danakil Desert in November to discover the Tigrayan Martyrs Monument & Museum, which is a must-see for Ethiopian tourists.

Dallol mysterious

This place is also known as the Cradle of Humankind because it contains the most extreme environments on Earth. The climate in Dallol is quite extreme – the temperature can reach up to 45deg C even in winter. Visitors should be prepared to face extreme conditions while visiting Dallol. But there are many fascinating things to see in this region. The Dallol geothermal area is characterized by many faults with throws less than 10 meters. Moreover, the Dallol depression is characterized by a large number of cinder cones, elliptical caldera collapses, and extensional fractures. It charges you about $90.

Rift Valley – the gift of creation

If you don’t know, is exactly a linear lowland formed between a highland and a mountain range. The action of a geologic rift, or pulling apart of the lithosphere, created the linear depression. Further erosion may deepen the depression, is often extremely diverse, and is an excellent site for geologic studies.
The Great Rift Valley reveals dynamic tectonic forces and in this process formed a large basin that was later filled with sediments. Ultimately, the rift is a place of emergence and has shaped the world’s landscape. During its formation, the world’s continents converged in this region, making it a major feature of the Earth’s geology. Let payment $100 if you want to at the entrance.

All the visitors can go there, however, they are forced to get the tourist to ensure safety during the trip.

Yes, it is the hottest place on Earth. Temperature can be degreesduringup to 50 – 100 degree on the dry season.

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