10 Crazy Pranks to Trick Your Brother

10 Crazy Pranks to Trick Your Brother

Whether you want to make your brother laugh or just annoy him, try to do a sibling prank. Some of these are simple pranks, one of the best pranks is changing the color of your brother’s favorite t-shirt. Keep reading to find the good pranks ideas.

10 Crazy Pranks to Trick Your Brother

Sudden Growth

If you have a younger brother, there are plenty of ways to prank him. One way to trick your brother is by putting food coloring on the bar of soap. He’ll be horrified to see his hands in this mess, and you can laugh about it by not washing your hands. This prank works especially well in the bathroom, where your brother will see the dye and wonder why it was there.

Another way to pull a prank on your brother is to break his remote. The remote is used for watching TV, so you can simply cover it with clear tape to make it useless. If your brother is a channel surfer, this trick is perfect for him. He may attempt to replace the batteries, but it’s sure to confuse him. Using this prank, it’s best to target his least favorite show.

The next way to fool your brother is by putting yourself in a box outside the front door. This way, your brother will walk in and see the surprise you’ve prepared. You should be fast to close the box, as your brother’s reaction to the surprise is crucial. To make this prank work, you should get the younger sibling to act as a spy and guard. Once he sees you, it’s too late to stop him from getting the joke.

10 Crazy Pranks to Trick Your Brother

Not So Strong

One of the easiest Not So Strong pranks to trick a brother is to stick a sheet of paper on his butt. This can be any color that matches the surface he is sitting on. Use double-sided tape to secure the sheet to his butt. When he gets up and tries to walk away, the paper will have been stuck to his butt! This is a modern version of the classic “kick me” prank!

Another Not So-Strong prank is to break the remote control. The remote has a light on it, so you can cover it with clear tape. If your brother tries to use the remote, it will not work, so he will try to change the batteries. This works best with his least favorite show. This prank will surely get his attention and will make him laugh. While breaking the remote will not hurt you, it can hurt him.

Another fun way to trick your brother is by pretending to eat a fly. This prank works if your brother is away from the door. Then, simply chew up the fly and walk away. Your brother will never guess what you are doing until he finds out! Make sure to keep your camera handy so you can capture his reaction! If your brother doesn’t catch on to the surprise, this prank will leave him speechless.

No Foam Soap

You can trick your brother into thinking he is not dirty when he uses no foam soap in the shower. The easiest way to do this is to add some colored dye to the shampoo or showerhead. When the boy is about to take a shower, he will be confused and wonder why his hands are not clean. To further trick your brother, put some clear nail polish on the bar of soap and let him use the soap as normal. If he does not notice this, try taking pictures of him with his hands in the clear liquid. Also, attach a blow horn to the door with duct tape, so that it will sound when the door hits it.

Another one of the funniest no foam soap pranks to trick your sibling involves sticking a deodorant bottle cap onto a shampoo bottle. To do this, you need a strong glue, which will disappear after the glue dries. Hold the cap to the bottle until it sticks, and then place it back where it was found. Your brother will struggle to open the bottle, but this trick will make him laugh and will leave him wondering if you’ve pranked him yet!

Colorful Shower

If you want to play pranks on your brother, you can get him to wear your clothes! One great trick to play on your brother is to stick a paper on his butt! You’ll need a pair of boxers or briefs, or something similar, that are easy to put on and take off. Once you get him to put the cap on, simply remove the paper from his butt and watch the ensuing chaos! If you’re clever, your brother will be completely confused!

Putting sugar in his oatmeal or mustard on his ham sandwich is an obvious way to mess with your brother’s mind, but why not get more creative? You can also use other everyday items to disguise the prank and make sure no one else knows about it. For this, make sure that the items you use are flat and lightweight, and make sure to document the process. Then, he’ll be surprised by the new dish!

Boxer Trouble

One of the best and easiest boxer trouble pranks is to put paper on your brother’s butt. Choose any color that looks like it might be his favorite color and use double-sided tape to stick it on. When he wakes up, he’ll see the paper and wet himself, which means he knows the prank is on! This is a modern take on the classic “kick me” sign.

Another fun boxer trouble prank is to put food coloring on a bar of soap. Then, when your brother washes his hands, the soap will have colored food coloring. He will wonder why his hands were so dirty, and he will laugh. If you’d like to use this prank more than once, be sure to tell your brother beforehand. This will keep him from falling for it.

Icy Cereal

If you’re tired of your brother’s annoying morning routine, why not try some icy cereal pranks? The trick is simple. You need a bowl, a spoon, and some ice. Then, the next morning, you’ll wake up and offer your brother his bowl. He will pick it up, feigning surprise, and eat all the ice cream.

For another version, try to fill an Oreo with toothpaste! Fill it up completely with the stuff and put it back together. Repeat the trick with any Oreo. Then, wait for your brother to eat it! He’ll probably look horrified, but you’ll have had fun! If your brother doesn’t want to believe you, try using a shaving cream or baby powder instead.

Sticky Shower

One of the best pranks to play on your brother is to place a colored piece of cloth or cotton on his butt. Use double-sided tape to adhere the paper to his butt. When your brother gets up, the paper will be visible. This is an updated version of the classic “kick me” prank. To keep your brother from noticing, make sure to give him a warning.

While sleeping, siblings are considered the picture of serenity and peace. Using items that are easily accessible and lightweight, you can play a harmless game on your brother while he is fast asleep. Try to find something that is flat, light, and unbreakable, and place it on his face or forehead. Be sure to document the entire process so that your brother won’t find out until it’s too late.

Another fun trick is to cover your brother’s remote with clear tape. If your brother is a channel surfer, the broken remote will not work, so he’ll likely try to replace the batteries. This prank works best with his least favorite TV show. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can also replace the batteries. Depending on your brother’s age and his interests, this prank can be repeated again.

Scratch Your Nose

One of the best ways to trick your brother is to put something gross on his face while he’s sleeping. You can use milk, apple slices, blocks of cheese, and even googly eyes. The best part is that these pranks can be done without hurting your brother! Be sure to document everything before you begin! It won’t be long before your brother will be begging for more!

One of the most classic Scratch Your Nose pranks involves replacing the face of your sibling with that of a random TV actor. You can switch out one photo at a time until you get to all the pictures of your brother. Repeat the process as many times as necessary until your brother finally realizes the fake face. This will make your brother laugh and shriek for days.

Heated Seat

If your brother’s attention span is shorter than yours, there are plenty of quick, easy pranks you can pull on him. One of the easiest is to stick paper on his butt. Choose a color that matches the surface he’s sitting on and double-stick it in place. As soon as your brother gets up, he’ll run to the bathroom and be shocked to find the paper stuck to his butt! This is a fun update of the classic “kick me” sign.

Another harmless prank is to sprinkle fake snot in your sibling’s mouth. To do this, cupping your hand in water and sneezing loudly will spray water on his face. Your sibling will think that you actually sneezed, and may even start laughing when you tell him he was tricked. After a few times of this, he’ll be convinced that it’s your brother who did it!

Another practical prank involves slipping confetti into the fan’s blades. When the fan is on, the confetti will start falling down and shower the victim. Similarly, you can slip other non-sharp objects into the fan’s paddles. Another clever trick involves placing bubble wrap under your brother’s bath mat or runner in his room. The bubbles will make a loud sound, frightening your brother.

The Other Girlfriend

One of the easiest The Other Girlfriend pranks to pull is to break a remote control. Rather than replacing the batteries, you can cover the light with clear tape so that your brother can’t use the remote to watch TV. Your brother will immediately wonder why his hands are dirty. Make sure to warn everyone that you’re going to pull this prank, otherwise your brother will get confused and call you out for it.

Alternatively, if you’re feeling particularly sneaky, you can use a plastic bug to scare your brother. Place it in places where he’s least likely to see it, such as under his pillow or on top of mashed potatoes. Be sure to set the bug somewhere in the house that’s hidden and make it look like it landed there by mistake. This way, your brother will think that you’re being sneaky and not watching him.

Another clever prank involves swapping the contents of your sibling’s photo album with a random TV actor or actress. This trick is especially effective on siblings who can’t remember which ‘girlfriend’ is in the photo, and the prankster can wait until the shrieks of delight begin. Then, he’ll think the fake snot came from someone else, and you can continue the trick by swapping out all the photos of your brother with theirs.

In closing

If your brother is a channel-surfer, breaking his remote is the best prank for him. Use clear tape to cover the light of his remote. When he tries to watch his favorite show, the remote won’t work! He’ll think he’s broken it, and will try to replace the batteries. This trick works best with his least-favorite television show!

Another quick and effective prank is to stick a sheet of paper on his butt. The paper should be any color that matches his shirt. Double-sided tape will work just fine. The next morning, when your brother wakes up, he will see the sheet on his butt. Of course, if he knows you did this, he’ll tell you, but he’ll be surprised he wets his pants!

One of the more sophisticated pranks is to put toothpaste inside the Oreo. Simply fill the Oreo with toothpaste and then put it back together. You can do this with any brand of Oreo. After the glue has dried, your brother will wonder how you did it, and he’ll laugh at you for the rest of the day. And if you’re not good at being the master of disguise, this is a great trick to pull on your brother.

Above is the list of crazy pranks to trick your brother. Let enjoy your fun time with these tips.

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