Elan Credit Card Login, Payment and Mobile App

Elan Credit Card Login

Elan credit card login: provides non-business rewards for card purchases made online which saves time management going to the bank, getting union benefits and other bank loans.

About Elan credit card 

To grow its business, Elan works with more than 1,300 financial institutions through an Elan client services , considered as creditor and issuer American express brand and rewards program card trademark.

They have been industry leaders since 1968 due to their commitment to questions Elan partners, growth philosophy and investment in developing technology.

Incentives appear a lot at grocery stores, gas stations with automatic dialing system for Elan financial partners. Customers will receive accumulated points and benefit from market-specific investment solutions or they must also have the opportunity to know about Mastercard international incorporated.

“The account growth opportunities and sustainability of communities depend on understanding and access to important self service. This partnership will allow us to compete in the corporate market and retail by leveraging our organisation’s strengths to improve our competitiveness. “

Special: Kenneth Kelly, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, First Independent Bank.

Elan credit card login online

Sign in by Website

Elan credit card login by website
  1. You visit the Elan home page with link https://www.myaccountaccess.com/onlineCard/login.do
  2. Fill in your personal ID in the given blank box
  3. You can see “Continue” button on your screen, click on it please

Sign in by Mobile App

Elan credit card login by mobile app
  1. Install the app on your mobile device
  2. Sign in using your personal ID and password
  3. Then click “Continue” to continue to be guided further by the app

Note: You can download the application by reviewing the operating system available on your phone. If it’s Android try Google Play, or if it’s iOS trust the App Store.

Enroll for new Elan credit card account

Sep 1: Visit the Elan Credit card official site

Enroll for new Elan credit card account

Step 2: Go to registration page

Click “Enroll” button on the menu top of the screen and you may be redirected to a new display

Step 3: Fill out all necessary information

Fill out all the base information required to apply for new user, including :

  • Credit card number
  • 3 digit security code
  • Last 4 digits of SSN
  • Create a personal ID
  • Re-enter personal ID
  • Create a password
  • Rre-enter Password
  • Email address
  • Re-enter email address

Step 4: Finish

Click “Submit” button on the screen to complete registration procedure

Recovery or change Personal ID

If you have forgotten your password, you should follow these instructions to retrieve your information

Recovery Personal ID for new Elan credit card account

Step 1: Go to the Elan card login’s page

After visiting the Elan cc log in home-page, you will see “Forgot your Personal ID?” link, please click on it.

Step 3: Enter your information

You will need to provide the necessary information in all sections on the screen, including:

  • Credit card number
  • 3 digit security code
  • Last four digits of SSN
  • Zip code

Step 4: Click the Submit button

After entering your information, click the submit button on the screen.

The benefits of being an Elan financial services

The benefits of being an Elan financial services

Five different types of credit cards available

Elan offers many different cards. Finding the solution that best suits your preferences and budgetary needs is made easy. There are Platinum Cards, Rewards Plus, Travel Rewards and the more expensive Cash redeem Rewards cards available.

There is no annual fee for the Elan Platinum Credit Card

For the pleasure of owning credit cards, several large companies charge an annual fee. For Elan Platinum, this is not the case. For this card, there are two options. For those who need a business card, they also offer a business version in additional to the usual personal cards.

Bonus reward

With this format, you earn one point for every $1​​ you spend. The rewards program for this Elan card includes a quarter point bonus for every dollar spent.

Cash reward

With Elan’s Cash Rewards American Express Credit Card, you can get 3% on gas purchases and 2% on grocery store purchases back. Elan’s American Express has no annual fee depend on security standards and privacy pledge. It’s always nice to receive cashback when you go grocery shopping or fill up your gas tank.

Easy connect

Upon approval, all your connections are easily accessible online or on a mobile device. The Elan’s credit is connected to a secure data server that protects your information and provides you with easy access to view your statements, make payments and check your account balance.

How to pay with Elan?

There are a number of ways you can choose to pay with your Elan’s card, and this paragraph will show you all the way so you can choose how you want to pay yourself.

Automatic transfer

Automatic payment of your statement

Using autopay to automatically pay your credit card bill every month from your checking or savings account is fast and secure. It will reduce wait times and mail delays.

Start automatic transfers now! Simply fill out the form, remove the panel labeled “Send this form” and mail it to Cardmember Service P.O. Box 6354 Fargo, ND 58125-6354 with this month’s payment.

You can also fax it to 1-866-616-1750.

Note: Pay your first monthly statement by mail, phone or online as autopay takes approximately 10 days to take effect.

Online Payment

A fast payment method

Visit the website of the financial management listed on your statement. After registering for internet access, go to Manage Payments and make payments.

Pay by phone

Call your payment monthly

Use your touch-tone phone to initiate a single payment with pursuant to a license. To register, contact card member services at the phone number on the back of your card.

Mail payment

Traditional payment methods for Elan client resource. You can send the money and vouchers from your monthly statement by mail at any time.

Customer service

Membership service

Questions about your account or reporting a lost or stolen card to contact cardmember service: 24-hour working with 800-558-3424

Technical support

For questions about Internet browser configuration or online access to web digital banking support with client resource center: 877-334-0460

Payment address
PO Box Box 790408
St. Louis, MO 63179-0408

Overnight Payment Address
824 11th Street
St. Louis, MO 63101-1016

Email to contact Elan client: elanfraud@elanfs.com


Call 1.800.364.9648 for information on checking the progress of your credit card application, or to ask questions about your credit card application or get help from a nearby banking institution.

Reviewing card usage on a monthly, quarterly, yearly, or year-to-date basis is an option.

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