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FAMU Canvas Login Online Portal & Password Reset | Florida A&M University

FAMU Canvas login enables students to access their online learning environment through a mobile app. The platform provides academic materials, course scheduling, and grade monitoring. With the help of this software, users may simply navigate the university’s system and discover what they need.

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  • Canvas FAMU Login enables students to access their online learning environment through a mobile app.
  • The platform provides academic materials, course scheduling, and grade monitoring.
  • Method for recovering a lost password
  • Instructions for signing on mobile devices by students
  • FAMU’s student IT Support Department

About FAMU Access Canvas

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU), sometimes known as Florida A&M, is a public land-grant university in Tallahassee, Florida.

It was founded in 1887 and is the third-largest historically black institution in the United States, as well as Florida’s sole public historically black school.

The FAMU Canvas Technical Service Portal is regarded as an online learning management system (LMS).

This program allows teachers to create a completely functioning digital classroom environment for their students. Students may access course materials, engage with others, take exams and interactive tasks, and keep track of their progress on graded course papers.

What Exactly Is A Canvas?

Canvas is a web-enhanced LMS designed for students attending conventional on-campus courses, advanced internet courses, hybrid courses, or total number of class attendance. Students and teachers engage actively by using teaching, communication, and evaluation methods.

Teachers may utilise this technology to submit content for student study, make fully online examinations that are automatically evaluated and shown in the gradebook, arrange discussion groups, and provide lectures material.

Canvas Advantages

You can perform the following using the FAMU Student Canvas Portal:

  • Assignments may be submitted by students.
  • Take part in the debate.
  • Examine your class and course materials.
  • The app enables unlock to class schedules, to-do lists, alerts, and discussion messages.

FAMU Canvas login Learning Account

To get started, you must first create an account and FAMU Canvas Login. Once you’ve setup your FAMU email login, follow the steps below to navigate the Blackboard Learn Edu platform:

enter your login (FamNet ID) and password. To access your FAMU Canvas Dashboard, click the "Log In" option
  1. To locate your online courses, go to FAMU login Canvas page at https://famu.instructure.com/login/canvas
  2. In the blank areas, enter your login (FamNet ID) and password
  3. To access your Canvas Dashboard, click the “Log In” option
  4. To connect all of your courses, click the “Courses” icon in the top right corner of your page
  5. To begin exploring your program material, utilize the navigation bar on the left side of the screen
  6. First, go through the syllabus, then begin clicking on course topics

How to get Canvas Password Reset Florida A&M University account

There might be two causes for your inability to receive into your dashboard. Follow the steps below to reset your forgotten pass:

  1. Please click the “Forgot password?” link in the account login box.
click the "Forgot password?" link in the account login box
  1. Now, complete the following to confirm your identity and recover your pin code: Fill in the captcha code with your first, last, or user name.
Enter username and location, then Fill in the captcha code
  1. Click Search to finish and have a fresh search provided to you.

Canvas Mobile App Login Portal at FAMU

Students can utilize the Canvas app on their mobile devices to obtain grades, course information, and more. First, you’ll need the FAMU Mobile app from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Follow the steps required to access the FA&MU Technology Services e-application with application:

Canvas Mobile App Login Portal on Google play or Apple App Store at FAMU
  1. Click the “Find My School” button after installing the app.
  2. Fill in your school name and then select FA-MU Technology Services from the list of campuses that displays.
  3. Enter your login details and click the login button.
  4. Go to your Canvas Dashboard, click the “Sign In” button.

View Your FAMU Courses On The Canvas program

If you can’t locate your class when you log onto Canvas, it’s because your instructor hasn’t yet uploaded it. First, inquire with your teacher about when and whether the course will be offered to students.

  1. Visit the Florida A&M University official website.
  2. Enter your credentials to access your account.
  3. You will see the courses for which you have enrolled that semester.

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Canvas FA&MU Customer Service

  1. Address: 1601 S. Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Tallahassee, FL 32307
  2. Phone: (850) 599-3000
  3. Email: ugrdadmissions@famu.edu
  4. Social media platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Please contact us or send us an email at PowerPacPlus.org. We’d be pleased to help you through any difficulties.


On our website, you may also monitor the progress of your application. The admissions office may be reached at (850) 599-3796.

Students can open their email accounts by going to https://www.famu.edu/eSplash.cfm and clicking on the green button for New Students. Make certain that your kids are continuously checking their email.

Following the pilot, the school opted to turn back. The system’s user-friendly architecture, communication features, and capacity to readily handle audio and video uploads were mentioned as reasons driving the shift by many other schools and institutions who picked Canvas as their LMS.

Students at FAMU: FAMU will begin utilizing Canvas instead of Blackboard this term. To deplete Canvas, go to http://FAMU.edu and choose Canvas from the login drop-down option. You may access Canvas using FAMU iRattler login credentials.

Enter your iRattler login and password to access your FAMU email. Your email address is just your username followed by “@famu.edu” (for example, jessica1.rattler@famu.edu).

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