Top 8 Best Female Hairstyles For Round Faces

Slimming Medium Tousled hairstyle - Female Hairstyles For Round Faces

Long, wavy hair, curly hair, or short haircuts are all good for round face. Long layers add body and movement to the hairstyle, and curling only the ends will prevent too much width on the sides. Cuts below the double chin are flattering for a round face, and a side part creates a downward angle across the side of the face and draws the eye to the blunt-cut ends. These female hairstyles for round faces also make the face appear longer.

8 Best Female Hairstyles For Round Faces

8. Short Shaggy Layers

A pixie cut with layers creates a long, slim look with a round face. This cut can be styled with curls to add volume and thickness, and the deep side part frames the face. It can also be accentuated with light bangs. This cut makes fine or thin hair look thick. It can make your face appear longer depending on your preference. You can choose from the many popular colors available, too!

Short Shaggy Layers

Among the best hairstyle for round face, the shag cut is perfect for many women. It features a heavily layered cut with soft layers on the sides and thicker layers at the crown. The shag is a very flattering and gives a round face plenty of texture. A shag cutting is also the perfect choice for framing a round face, since it tends to cover the cheeks and flaunts the lower half of the face.

A layered shag is another best hairstyle for round face women. This type of cut features thick and wavy layers that cover the ears. You can accent the look with a front fringe if you want. Short shaggy layers can lengthen the neck while playing with volume. A side parting with a contrasting color adds interest to this style. If you’re unsure of whether this style will work for your face shape, don’t be afraid to ask a stylist.

7. Slimming Medium Tousled Hairstyle

Slimming Medium Tousled hairstyle - Female Hairstyles For Round Faces

For a rounder face, the best medium tousled hairstyles are those with choppy layers and textured ends. Choppy layers add volume to the crown, while textured ends bring interest to the sides. Adding VO5 Instant Volume Powder to top layers gives a lifted look without damaging them through backcombing.

Avoid straight across bangs for round faces, as these can make the face appear smaller. Instead, consider parting the hair in a center or side part for a more feminine look without sacrificing volume.

Side bangs accentuate the cheekbones and jawline, and an angled cutting hugs the jawline. Side bangs can be updated with a blonde balayage, and they add a touch of sophistication to your medium haircut.

Adding a side part will also create a boost in width on the sides of the face, making you appear slimmer. In addition, you can use an ash blonde balayage to add a bit of sexy volume to your tousled bob.

6. Messy Medium Hair

Messy Medium Hair

One of the most flattering medium hairstyles for rounder faces is a jet black bob with a sharp side part. The hair is layered with one long wave coming in just below the jawline. The waves are very subtle and are complemented by the soft and curvy side-swept bangs. This style is easy to achieve and is perfect for both men and women who want to add a dash of femininity to their appearance.

This haircut looks best with medium length hair and is easy to style. Medium-length hairstyles for round faces can be wavy, straight, or wavy, depending on the style. Long layered, wavy hair is most flattering hairstyles on women with round faces. Those with thin hair can try a short, tousled bob with curtain bangs. The layered look draws attention to the face’s widest feature, while messy waves distract attention from it.

Another good option for women with round faces is to go for sleek hairstyles. They highlight your face shape without adding unnecessary layers or bangs, which make your face look wider. The natural color of the hair is a great option because it looks more organic.

You can also add a few chunky layers to give your hair more depth and texture. The mid length should fall just above the shoulders. This style is ideal for women who are trying to maintain a low-maintenance routine.

5. Medium-Length Shag

Medium-Length Shag

A medium length shag is a classic, stylish style that looks great on most women. It doesn’t require precise cutting or symmetry, and can be worn in many ways. Its versatility makes it a good choice for women who want to grow their hair out after a short style. Plus, the layers and texture of medium shags make them super-trendy and versatile. For round faces, this haircut works particularly well.

A medium-length shag looks best on women with a round face. The layers create a longer look, and parting the front hair makes this a great look for round faces. You can also cut the layers shorter around the face and keep them longer around the shoulder length. Layers can slightly curl inward towards the face for a flattering effect. Shags are most flattering on women with full, curly hair.

The ‘New Shag’ has been a hit for the past year. This heavily layered style helps to break up round faces, creating a sleek silhouette. The layers bring focus to the eyelids, cheeks, and lips. It also looks fantastic with curtain bangs or fringe in the center part. The fringe adds volume without weighing down the hair and makes the face look thicker.

4. Wavy Textured Lob Haircut

Wavy Textured Lob Haircut

A wavy textured lob haircut for round faces can look amazing on celebrities, including Malin Akerman, who styled her hair in loose waves. This haircut is also an excellent choice for those with diamond face shapes, as it showcases their dramatic cheekbones. Whether your face framing is square, round, or oval, there is a haircut for you.

A lob is a classic cutting that has been worn by models, fashion designers, and celebrities. These women have made it one of the most popular hairstyles for years, and are known for elongating their faces and adding a touch of femininity. This style is easy to manage and looks amazing on women with round faces. It’s a great choice for those who are transitioning from long to short and want to minimize the amount of time it takes to care for it.

Wavy textured lob hairstyles work well on round faces because of the way they frame the face. The height in the crown elongates the face and complements the shape of the face. A textured lob can be enhanced by using a curl cream to add moisture and definition. While styling your hair, flip your hair over as you blow-dry it for extra volume. You can also use a round brush to add texture.

3. Blunt Cut Lob With Curtain Bangs

Blunt Cut Lob With Curtain Bangs

A blunt haircut is one of the most versatile styles for round faces. This style works well on all hair textures and shapes. For those with larger foreheads, layered bangs can help offset the large look. If you have a round face, a layered lob can make the face appear smaller, particularly with curtain bang. In additionally, you can choose to have your fringe pushed to one side or open.

Another popular haircut with this look is the layered lob with curtain bangs. Choppy bangs add texture and movement, and the uneven length will balance out the roundness of your face.This style with curtain bangs also elongates the face. This style also works well with long hair. A jagged bang layered lob is a stylish choice for round faces.

A lob with fringe is a flattering, modern haircut for round faces. It’s easy to style and maintain, and it reduces blow-dry time. Adding curtain bangs will give your hair a soft, feminine look that will flatter your face shape. A fringed lob with curtain bangs is a great style for round faces women, and will give your hair a unique touch.

2. Basic Bob

Basic Bob

Among the most versatile woman hairstyles, a bob for a round face looks great year-round. You can play up your youthful appearance with an asymmetrical bob with an edgy side swoop, or opt for a sleek, straight version. Highlighting your hair is a trend this spring and summer.

The most common bob hairstyle for a round face is the ear-length cut that hits just below the chin. To add additional volume to this hairstyle, you can side part it. This shape also helps you elongate your face. If your hair is fine, consider adding a middle part for extra volume. The choppy shape is also fun and easy to maintain. You can curl your long bob with the right tools to achieve voluminous waves that won’t look cartoonish.

If your face is already too round, you can try an asymmetrical bob hairstyle. Asymmetrical bob hairstyles for round faces create angles that draw attention away from prominent facial features. A contrasting color can make a dramatic difference. The asymmetrical bob can also look fantastic paired with pixie cuts. It shows off the benefits of both. If you want to add even more glamor to your short bob hairstyle, combine a bob with bangs. Pale dark purple or pale dark pink can look dazzling.

1. Chin-Length Shaggy Haircut


A short chin-length shag haircut with soft wavy strands is the perfect haircuts for round faces. The cut is layered and provides the right amount of structure and volume. Those with thin hair can go with side swept bangs to minimize the width of the forehead. Layers on top of the head give the impression of a longer face.

This hairstyle has been trending for years. It is widely available in different lengths, ranging from shoulder-skimming bobs to chin-length pixies. The pixie bob is particularly flattering on round faces, and it does not require too much daily hair care. This feminine cut can slim a round face and de-emphasize a small chin. You can even experiment with adding a bit of color to create a unique look.

Long layers in caramel tones add a bit of depth to any cut. Long highlights add dimension to any cut, and light caramel shades work especially well on round faces. For a round face, a straight A-line bob cut looks perfect. The soft curves draw the eye down and hide cheekbones. For round faces, a short feathered shag can add a splash of color and flirtatious volume.


Your facial structure. “Just as there is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ body shape, there is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ face shape,” says celebrity hairstylist and Dyson global stylist Jon Reyman. “With that in mind, short hairstyles do work well for round faces,” he continues, “but it’s all about the cut, length, and styling.”

Long hairstyles with loose locks flatter round faces in general. Straight hair on both sides of your face partially conceals it, making it appear narrower. Furthermore, they create long vertical lines next to your adorable full face, visually lengthening it to your advantage.

Adding height to the crown of the head helps to narrow round features and make the face appear thinner. Twist hair into a high knot and secure with a barrette for a simple hairstyle. For the most slimming effect, try a ponytail with the ponytail height matching the tips of your cheekbones.

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