Top 10 Funny Tricks to Play on Your Sister

If your sister has arachnophobia, you can use these funny tricks to play on your sister

If you want to make your sister laugh, try out one of these pranks. If you think she’ll be amused by this, you can easily try out the other pranks as well. Some of these are: Arachnophobia, Oily Hair, and Wake Up Sis. Keep reading for more tips. These funny tricks to play on your sister that make her laugh so hard that she’ll think of you every time she gets up

Oily Hair

When your parents are not at home, some prank to your sibling is the good iead. This tops the list of funny pranks to play on your sibling with dirty hair, but this trick can also be used to get you into trouble, too. It may be embarrassing, but your sister will love the laugh it gives her. One: Use baby powder to spray her hair. Make sure it’s the last bit, since this will leave her hair dripping and oily. Next, wait until she’s dozing off and set the alarm for 3 a.m.


If your sister has arachnophobia, you can use these tips to play a great prank on her, she will surprise. First of all, it is essential to pick a time when your sister is not awake, as a prank can cause a lot of swearing, yelling, and general chaos. Second, you can play the prank using fake insects. This will create a lot of fear, as your sister will think that you have arachnophobia.

Third, if your sister loves to groom, you can scare her with a mirror trick. Just pretend to go to bed and later, place an item into her room. Once she sees it, she will scream her heart out! She will be so scared! This trick can only work if you are persistent! Then, if your sister is really afraid of spiders, you can even make her think of a movie about arachnophobia starring Jason Statham.

If your sister has arachnophobia, you can use these funny tricks to play on your sister

Wake Up Sis

There are countless ways to play pranks on your sister. A simple one is to sneak around with a feather in your sister’s cereal. It’s a great way to make her jump and shriek, and it’s guaranteed to get her laughing. If you’re really ambitious, you can dress up as a creepy character or even wear a mask to make her look more surprised.

Another way to play pranks on your sister is to hide an alarm clock. The clock can be hidden in various locations, and the number is only limited by your imagination. Your sister will have no idea how to spot the alarm clock, but if you succeed, she’ll be awoken every hour until she notices it. Alternatively, you can use it to trick her by pretending to be away for the day.

Another fun trick is to put a few raisins in her cup of coffee. The raisins will sink to the bottom of the cup, leaving the last sip sweet. This trick is most effective when you do it in the early morning, when your sister is still sleeping. If she isn’t up yet, she’ll rush around frantically getting ready to start her day. However, this method can be effective only when you’re sure that she’ll fall for it.

Long Lasting Polish

One fun prank idea is to drop raisins in her drink. Drop a few raisin in the cup, make sure to match the color, and she will be surprised. Dropping them will make the last sip of her drink sweet. Repeat this trick as often as possible, especially if she constantly borrows your nail polish. You can even get her to volunteer. When your sister tries to make it worse, tickle her bottom, or pinch her nose.

Another fun prank you can play on your sister involves sticky peanut butter. Spread some peanut butter on her drawer or cupboard handles. When she opens them later, she’ll be stuck with a glob of peanut butter on her fingers! You can also use fake insects to scare her, or make her feel disgusted. Once she gets her hands clean, she may find it hard to get rid of the globs.

You Got Tanned

If you want to make your sister laugh, you can pull some hilarious pranks on her. Depending on how sensitive your sister is, you can play on her feelings in many ways, including switching items in her closet or room. You can even change the contacts in her phone to fool her into thinking you know exactly how to get her number back. The possibilities are almost endless.

Once she’s convinced, you can use a self-tanning lotion. Make sure it has a similar scent to her lotion. You can also prank her when she wakes up, when she’s likely to be cranky. Eventually she’ll wonder how you got all that extra sun exposure on her face. This prank is sure to get her laughing so hard she won’t believe it’s really you.

Caught You Brown Handed

You can make your sister think you’re an expert at pranks by switching the contents of her closet or room. Or, switch the contents of her phone’s contacts. The options are endless, but it’s best to think about how you would react if you were on her side.

The trickiest pranks for children are those that can make your siblings laugh. There are numerous ways to make your sister laugh, and you can even use plastic insects. Try placing them on top of mashed potatoes or under pillows. This harmless prank is even more entertaining if you can record it and get bonus points. Another trick is to hide under her bed and try to catch her off guard.

To Be Continued

If you have a younger sister, you might not know how to play fun pranks on her. You can do things such as placing fake insects under her pillow or on top of mashed potatoes. This prank is most effective first thing in the morning while she is asleep. Be aware that your sister may curse and abuse you for the prank, but if you know her well, you can make her sick. Alternatively, you could dress up as a scary monster or frightened character and sneak under her bed. Once she pulls off the plastic wrap, she will run away in terror.

Tattooed Footwear

There are many ways to prank your sister. This fun prank is most effective if you play it while she is sleeping. If your sister is easily frightened, use fake insects and food or clothing as bait. It is also best to perform this prank first thing in the morning or while she is still asleep. Once your sister is awake, she will run away in fear.

Another way to play a prank on your sister is to mix a few drops of self-tan lotion with body lotion cream. Don’t mix them very much, as the self-tanner will give your sister’s feet and legs a “zebra” look. Your sister won’t notice the difference, but everyone who sees her will.

Insect Fast Food

If you want to prank your sister, there are several funy insect fast food trick that will make her vomit, curse, or laugh out loud. This prank is best played first thing in the mornings or while she’s sleeping. To make this prank go viral, you can make a tray of your sister’s favorite dishes and then insert fake cockroaches or flies. Once she removes the plastic wrap, she’ll run away in horror.

Another fun food trick that is harmless but effective is to put plastic bugs on her face or mashed potatoes. Aside from plastic bugs, you can also place plastic insects on her pillow, top of mashed potatoes, or place them on her head. Of course, you should avoid tickling her toes! A more expensive trick is to dress up in a scare-y costume and slither under her bed. You can even pop a masked face out from underneath the bed.

The Last Sip

If you want to pull off the ultimate prank on your sister, try The Last Sip. Pour a warm drink and slyly drop one or more raisins into it. They will sink to the bottom of the cup, leaving your sister with a sugary, sweet drink. You can play this trick in the morning while she is sleeping and she won’t notice the raisins.

Another way to prank your sister is by smearing sticky peanut butter on the handles of her drawers and cupboards. Once she comes out of the bathroom, she’ll have a sticky mess on her hands. She might even like to lick her fingers later. This trick is especially great for pranksters who have a sister with a sweet tooth.

Conclusion Of Funny Tricks To Play On Your Sister

When you’re looking for ways to play pranks on your sister, there are several ways to do so. Just be sure to avoid hurting her feelings or violating her privacy! Remember to think about what you would feel if the tables were turned. For example, if your sister loves soccer, you could replace her favorite classic books with the Hunger Games series. And remember to be creative.

The best pranks are always ones that use your sister’s common interest. That way, you can get her to laugh at something while you do it. Another common trick is to put salt in her cereal. She will be very confused when she finds out about this prank and will likely curse you. Also, you can make more creative pranks with chocolate or cookie.

People usually do some pranks with sisters, brothers or friends, even with parents on the April Fool’s Day. Try to do our recommends in this post, you will have a completely amazing time!


Place their pencil case or homework in the microwave. Take only one thing with you every day (something they won’t notice right away, like a pen). Hide it in your room so that it blends in with your belongings, or simply hide it in your closet.

  1. Share your strange nicknames.
  2. Accused of public stealing.
  3. Upload old photos.
  4. Inform your crush that you like them.
  5. Give incorrect information.
  1. Inform your brother that avocados are actually dinosaur eggs.
  2. Tell your brother that he wasn’t born; your parents grew him in a bucket out of catfish heads.
  3. Inform your brother that you have the ability to read minds.
  4. Inform your brother that the dog speaks when he is not present.

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