German Shepherd attack Pitbull on the street [Video]

German shepherd attack Pitbull

Can a German Shepherd attack Pitbull? With excellent qualities, the German Shepherd dog breed is trusted by many countries around the world as a working dog in the police, military, or security forces.

So can a German Shepherd win a PitBull? Follow  to find out!

 German Shepherd attract Pitbull

Can a german shepherd kill a pit bull?

Is it possible for a German Shepherd to kill a Pit Bull? Despite their similarities, German Shepherds and Pitbulls are very different breeds. 

While both are extremely protective of their owners and trained to fight, a German Shepherd has a significant advantage in size and strength. Despite their size, Pitbulls have a very limited chance of killing a German Shepherd unless they have been properly socialized and trained.

In the wild, Pitbulls and German Shepherds can fight each other, but the German Shepherds are much larger than the Pitbulls.

 The German Shepherds do not have the bone-crushing jaw strength that bully breeds have. However, they can attack, grab, and kill each other without warning. 

This makes them a dangerous and unpredictable adversary. Nonetheless, if you want your dog to be the one to kill a pit bull, you should not allow your dog to be in a situation where you don’t have time to train it or supervise it.

Are german shepherds aggressive dogs?

This question is often asked, and there are many reasons why your dog may be aggressive. For one, German Shepherds require about two hours of exercise daily, which can result in agitation or even aggression. 

But there is a very different breed of German Shepherd, that is the special White German Shepherd, they are very friendly, approachable, and rare.

Are german shepherds aggressive dogs?

In addition, German Shepherds are easily bored, which can lead to destructive and anxious behavior. Another factor in German Shepherd aggressiveness is the lack of socialization. 

Keeping your dog social with other dogs and people is important, and you should do everything possible to ensure that your dog does not experience any of these situations.

Fortunately, German Shepherds are loyal to their owners and are generally more willing to give up in a fight if the other dog is only attacking them. But, there are a lot of cases where the German Shepherd even attracts humans.

If, however, the dog is just attacking you, it may give up earlier than the pitbull would. This is because German Shepherds are bigger and stronger than Pitbulls, but size alone does not guarantee victory over a pit bull. As with any dog, height is an advantage.

Can a german shepherd kill a pit bull?

Can a German Shepherd kill a pit bull? Well, the answer depends on the situation. If the pitbull attacks a German Shepherd, it may succumb sooner than a pitbull that only aims to scare the dog.

 Alternatively, a German Shepherd may protect its family and stop an attack if the pitbull is only attacking its own family members. Generally speaking, German Shepherds are bigger and stronger than Pitbulls. 

Can a german shepherd kill a pit bull?

However, size alone cannot guarantee victory. Although size does matter, height is a definite advantage over weight.

While this dog breed is known for its great agility and wit, it is also a powerful and aggressive dog. Its jaws are powerful and can crush human bones and rip arteries. 

While a German Shepherd’s bite force is high, it’s worth considering that it needs a compelling motive to kill another dog. Its genetic nature and temperament are well-suited for guarding and herding purposes.


Pit bulls outbit golden retrievers 2:1, that much is all we know. We don’t know whether goldens bit humans more frequently than pit bulls did. Third, the majority of groups/communities treat a playful scratch on the skin as if it were a full-on, highly hostile attack. Both constitute a single biting event.

German Shepherd temperament is characterized by a strong protective sense for her family and a lack of interest in outsiders. Your dog won’t turn her natural protective instincts into antagonism because of your position as the “alpha” dog.

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