Green Garden Therapy Activities, Mental Health Benefits

Green Garden Therapy

Green Garden Therapy is an innovative concept that has been gaining traction in recent years, as it offers numerous mental health benefits. The result of this therapy is a hold on the emotions that can be similar to a sunny day, true relaxation.

Powerpacplus’s Summary

  • Green Garden Therapy has been shown to have a wide range of good impacts on individuals who engage in it, and it is certain to provide much-needed respite to those suffering from mental health concerns.
  • Indoor gardening is a fun method to care for one’s mental health!
  • Outdoor Gardening is a popular hobby that has lately earned attention for its restorative properties.
  • Healthy soil, plants, and green areas are all required for a successful green garden massage.

About Green Garden Therapy 

Green Garden Therapy is an innovative therapy that combines horticultural and garden therapy with mental health problems. It is a grant recipient of the Cosmos Foundation, which works to provide therapeutic gardens in hospitals and other medical infrastructure. Members get messages from the Sharpham Trust on how to create healthy soil and green spaces to help improve their mental wellbeing.

This therapy also helps people dealing with mental health issues learn more about nature and plants, which can be very calming for them. Additionally, it can be a great way to improve physical health as well, by engaging in activities outdoors.

Green Garden Therapy has been proven to have many positive effects on those who participate in it and it is sure to bring much needed relief to those suffering from mental health issues.

green Garden Therapy Activities

Indoor Gardening 

Indoor gardening is a great way to get in touch with nature and appreciate its beauty. It has been proven to be beneficial for physical, mental and emotional health, as it provides green therapy or ‘green garden massage’.

In recent years, there has been an emphasis on creating green spaces in hospital infrastructure as part of horticulture therapy. It’s a great way to spend time in good health, while receiving positive member messages from plants.

In order to start an indoor garden, you need healthy soil which can be bought from any local store. Then you can choose the kind of plants that suit your individual needs and preferences; they vary from herbs and vegetables to flowers and trees.

For those looking for something more challenging, the River Dart near Dartmouth offers spectacular views along with a sharp bend which can be suitable for growing different species of plants. Indoor gardening is an engaging way to take care of one’s mental wellbeing!

Indoor Gardening 

Outdoor Gardening 

Outdoor gardening is a popular pastime that has recently gained an emphasis on its healing powers. Known as green therapy, outdoor gardening offers both physical and mental benefits to those who partake in it.

Through horticulture therapy, individuals can find solace in spending time in the garden and connecting with nature. Healthy soil, plants, and green spaces are all essential components for a successful green garden massage.

Additionally, recent research has shown that having access to members messages of hospital infrastructure provides better outcomes for good health. One example is the Sharp Bend in the River Dart which offers spectacular views along with a sense of connection to nature and its vibrant beauty.

Outdoor gardening gives a chance to take part in activities that promote mental well-being, allowing them to reap the rewards of good health through green therapy.

Outdoor Gardening 

Community Gardening

Community gardening is an ecological and social activity that promotes healthy soil, green spaces, and horticulture therapy. It has a significant role in reducing global warming and creating change.

At the fourteen acres farm, one of the ultimate on-the-job perks is a garden visit where members are encouraged to use their green activities to help with hospital architecture. This can be beneficial for those suffering from severe depression as it helps to lift spirits and send positive messages.

Community gardening is also an excellent form of physical activity and can have calming effects. In addition, by growing food, community gardens create a sense of purpose and can strengthen the bond between members of the community.

All in all, community gardening offers many benefits to its members and can be a great way to connect with nature and promote sustainability.

Community Gardening

Benefits of Green Garden Therapy 

Mental Health

Green garden therapy is an effective way to combat mental health issues such as depression, seasonal affective disorder, and ADHD symptoms. It does not require any anti-depressant medication or psychotherapy. 

A simple change of scenery for a garden visit stirs the senses and can provide ultimate on-the-job perk to those feeling depressed or lonely.

It also has the added benefit of providing flexibility to those with busy schedules to fit in some refreshing activities in the great outdoors that can help reduce anxiety and stress. Additionally, it helps reduce global warming by decreasing carbon dioxide emissions.

All in all, green garden therapy is a great way to improve mental health while contributing positively to the environment.

Physical Health

Green Garden Therapy is a wonderful way to reap physical health benefits. Gardening stirs up feelings of joy and contentment, helping to combat depression and loneliness. It can even help reduce seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

For those on anti-depressant medication, garden visits can provide an ultimate on-the-job perk that boosts positive feelings. Studies show that horticulture therapy helps improve flexibility and other physical abilities, while providing psychiatric benefits.

A visit to the garden with a trained therapist can lead to long-term benefits for your overall physical health. Green Garden Therapy is a great way to contribute to the fight against global warming by making small changes in our environment, like planting trees or creating green spaces in urban areas.

Environmental Benefits 

Green Garden Therapy is a great way to help the environment and improve mental health. It stirs global warming by increasing the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere, and can also reduce air pollution.

A garden visit can also be an effective anti-depressant medication as it has many benefits for those who are feeling depressed or lonely.

Horticulture therapy has been known to help with seasonal affective disorder, depression, and other psychiatric disorders due to its flexibility and ultimate on-the-job perk.

Not only does it provide physical activity and fresh air, but it also helps with stress reduction and provides a sense of accomplishment that can boost self-esteem. 

Green Garden Therapy is not only beneficial for the environment, but it is also a great way to improve mental health in individuals as well.

How to Get Started with Green Garden Therapy?

  1. To get started with Green Garden Therapy, the first step is to visit a garden or outdoor space. This will help stirs up positive feelings of connection to nature and give you the ultimate on-the-job perk.
  2. Once your outdoor space has been identified, it’s time to plan out your garden project. This provides flexibility for those who are looking for something specific or just want to explore different options.
  3. Finally, you may need a therapist or horticultural therapist if there are complex needs that require professional guidance.

Green Garden Therapy can provide relief from stress, depression and anxiety while helping address global warming issues at the same time!


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