Find Green State Credit Union Account Number Online

Green State Credit Union Account Number and Payment

Green State credit union account number
 is important for people to check and make payment. Understanding that, we give you the way to your account number and other necessary information about checking accounts, balances and more.

About Green State Credit Union

In 2018, Iowa lawmakers passed legislation prohibiting credit unions from using the name of any public university in the state in their names. This necessitated a name change for the University of Iowa Community Credit Union (UICCU) in 2019.

Your account and routing numbers may be used to set up a direct deposit, use third-party payment services, order a check, receive a wire transfer, or make direct debit payments. You can find them on the web or in the mobile app.

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Find Green State Credit Union Account Number Online

  1. After you sign in to the website or mobile app, click or tap the checking account you want to see the account number.
  2. Click or tap on the Details option.
  3. Select details
Find Green State Credit Union Account Number Online

You will see your account in the MICR Account Number section.

If you have a savings account or need help locating your account number, please call us at 319-339-1000 or 800-397-3790.

How To Find Your Account And Routing Numbers On Checks

Both the account and routing numbers can be found on the bottom of the checks.

Green State Credit Union Checking Account

Green State Credit Union Checking Account

Rewardsplus Checking

Maximize your earnings with RewardsPlus Checking. Receive our highest checking account yield on balances up to $19,999.99 and 1% – 5% cashback on daily purchases made with a GreenState Platinum Rewards Mastercard or World Card.

Rewards Checking

You want to earn money for what you already do? With Rewards Checking, you can earn a premium return on balances of up to $14,999.99 and reimburse up to $6.75 per month in ATM fees.

Free Checking

Rewards and RewardsPlus Checking also do not incur a monthly service fee. No monthly service fee, no minimum balance requirements and access to over 70,000 free ATMs across the country. Free tools and services to manage your finances.

Green State Credit Union Balance Check

Today, you can do much more than check balances with our free Online Banking service. Manage your entire financial life using one simple system.

  • View and manage your account balances and transaction history
  • See the accounts you have both with GreenState and other financial institutions
  • Make or schedule money transfer, including transfers to other GreenState members
  • Make or schedule loan payments from GreenState accounts or accounts at other financial institutions.
  • View your eStatements
  • Deposit specials: deposit specials checks from your smartphone with mobile remote deposit capture
  • Free online bill payer
  • Keep track of how you’re spending your money
  • Set up email alerts that tell you when your balances are low or a CD is about to expire
  • View images of checks that have cleared
  • File your taxes
  • Get Free Mobile Banking (carrier text/data charges may apply)

Online Payment And Other Methods

Online Payment And Other Methods

Making Loan Payments

There are 2 ways for you to:

  • Make a loan payment with a non-GreenState debit card or bank account.
  • Make a loan payment in online banking with your account.

And there are 4 payment methods as below

Pay Loans In Branch

Visit Store Locations and Hours of Operation page to find the store closest to you.

Pay Loans By Phone

You can call us at (800) 397-3790 during our regular business hours and make various types of loan payment requests.

Pay Loans In GreenState Online Banking

Credit and credit card payments can be made quickly and easily in online banking or via our mobile app. If you haven’t already signed up for online banking, visit our new user sign up page to get started to do quick transfer and funds transfer,

Mail Payment Addresses

Loan Payments

  • PO Box 925
  • North Liberty, IA 52317-0925

Credit Card Payments

  • PO Box 37035
  • Boone IA 50037-0035

Payments with your non-GreenState account/routing numbers (ACH/eCheck) are free, and payments with a debit card are subject to a $10.00 fee.

We can start a new membership or add accounts to your existing membership if you call us at (800) 475-6728. Contact a lender directly.

Mobile Pay

You can use GreenState credit and debit cards with your mobile wallet. Mobile Pay allows you to load your GreenState credit card and/or debit card on your phone or other mobile device, then use the device to make purchases at participating merchants.

Just look for the contactless payment icon, hold your device close to the card reader, and follow the instructions specific to your device.

Process Transactions Securely

Mobile Pay uses “tokenization,” which is an additional level of security for your credit card data. When you make a purchase with your device, algorithmically generated numbers (called a token) is used instead of your card details. These tokens can be passed through various networks to credit card processing payment without exposing your financial data.

Load Your Card To Your Device

Follow the instructions of these popular brands: Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. If you have questions about your mobile wallet, please contact your device’s support center.

Routing Numbers 273975098

Routing no. 273975098 belongs to Greenstate. It routes both FedACH and Fedwire payments.

By entering your checking or savings account information along with your routing no., you can have a payment posted to your account within a few business days.

Foreign Wires

For receiving foreign transfers we work together with:

Pacific Coast Bankers Bank.

Walnut Creek, CA 94596


ABA/routing no. 121042484

GreenState has no BIC, IBAN, CLABE.


What exactly is the $5 Membership? Important Telephone Numbers (888) 891-2435 – Change Debit Card PIN (800) 397-3790 Lost or Stolen Card After Hours (833) 371-8975 Lost or Stolen Card six more rows

The MICR number is required for all automatic deposits and withdrawals. You can find it on the bottom of your checks, or you can look at account details in digital banking by clicking on the checking account.

What Is the Routing Number for Grow and what is my full checking account number? The routing number for Grow is 263182914. Your full account number can be found on your checks between the routing and check numbers. If you don’t have checks, go to your nearest Grow store and get a Direct Deposit Letter.

You can frequently use your routing and account numbers to make online purchases or send money to others via various digital payment services. You can also use them to sign up for direct deposit with many employers or other financial institutions such as the Social Security Administration.

Zelle allows you to send, request, and receive money. To begin, log in to online banking or your mobile app, go to Bill Pay, and then select “Send Money with Zelle®.”

GreenState Credit Union is the largest credit union in Iowa, with its headquarters in North Liberty. It is also the country’s 21st largest credit union. It was founded in 1938 and had grown to 778 employees and 369,644 members at 30 locations by March 2022.

Get the GreenState Mobile App. GreenState Mobile for Apple and Android devices is available for mobile banking. Account management is simple, quick, and secure.

Members can open a new checking account with a $50 deposit. To get started, apply online, visit any branch location, or call us at (800) 475-6728.

Bank account numbers are typically eight to twelve digits long, but some account numbers can be up to seventeen digits long.

Account numbers are typically included in both paper and electronic bank statements. If you have chosen to receive electronic bank statements, you may find them online under Statements and Notices.

Both the MICR number and the account number should be the same. The MICR number is the account number that appears at the bottom of your checks and is used to set up direct deposits and automatic withdrawals from your accounts. The bottom of your check will have your 14-digit MICR/Account number.

Zelle allows you to send, request, and receive money. To begin, open your mobile banking app and select “Send Money with Zelle®.” Follow the prompts, enter the requested information, accept the terms and conditions, and you’re ready to send and receive with Zelle.

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